American Express Membership Rewards

Earn miles with American Express Membership Rewards.
The partnership between the TAP Miles&Go Programme and American Express gives you many benefits. If you have already signed up for the Membership Rewards programme of American Express and the TAP Miles&Go Programme, you can exchange your points for miles.
Earn Membership Rewards points and exchange them for TAP Miles&Go miles.
Join the Membership Rewards programme and earn Membership Rewards points with your American Express card. To exchange points for TAP Miles&Go miles you just have to login to your American Express account.

Earn miles with American Express Membership Rewards

1 Membership Rewards Point
1 mile

Terms and conditions

  1. Call the following numbers for more information on Membership Rewards and the transfer of points to the TAP Miles&Go Programme:
    a) 4004-2639 (state capitals and metropolitan regions);
    b) 0800 726-2639 (other locations);
    c) The Platinum Card members call: 0800 728-7070.
  2. The miles credit request must be made within 6 months of the date of the activity and will be completed within a maximum of 90 days.
  3. Once the miles have been credited to the Client’s Account they cannot be returned.