Earn miles, in the air and on the ground

Let your account cover many miles

Accumulating miles adapts to any routine: whether with your flights, day-to-day activities or through our partners, your balance will be increasing.

Miles in the air

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Whenever you fly with TAP or partner airlines, you earn miles that you can exchange for other trips, upgrades or other services.
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Miles&Go Pets
There is room for everyone on board our aircraft. Fly with your pet and accumulate up to 500 miles when transporting your faithful friend on TAP planes.
Don't forget: associate your Customer number with your trip.
By adding your Customer number to your travel reservation, you ensure that you accumulate miles every time you fly. The accumulated miles are Status Miles, which allow you to maintain your status or move up to the next status. See here how to do this.

Miles on the ground

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Club TAP Miles&Go
Join the Club, increase your miles balance and enjoy several benefits depending on the Club you choose.
Explore the Store
Explore the Store
Miles Store
Increase your Bonus Miles balance by purchasing, extending or converting to Status Miles.
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Our network of partners is always growing so that we can be present in every moment of your day-to-day life. Live unique experiences and accumulate miles.

Not TAP Miles&Go Customer yet?

Join the Program that offers miles, discounts and many benefits: the TAP TAP Miles&Go Program.
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