Tips for a perfect trip with children

In order to turn your family trip into the best possible experience, we have asked one of the biggest experts in this field, Edgar Correia, who, since 2016, has been sharing his family trip experiences on the website, to share with us his best tips so that everything goes perfectly.

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Traveling with children is less complicated and more fun than (sometimes) it seems! It's a great opportunity to be with the little ones away from the routine and madness of everyday life, a unique way to turn them into citizens of the world, without fears or borders, more curious, tolerant and respectful!

We have already traveled to the 4 corners of the world with our children and these are some of our basic tips!

Give them freedom, autonomy and a lot of the world

We begin this little guide by addressing the most important issue, which makes us very proud, and which is one of the reasons that leads us to travel more and more with our children.

We often say that we set out for a great trip with some children and bring others: more grown up, responsible, autonomous, tolerant and with a completely different ability to look at and solve problems.

We share the idea that the best we can give them is the WORLD. It is this "world" that provides them with important tools, cultures, points of view, cultural and gastronomic experiences, different languages and a greater and greater autonomy!

With each trip we become more cohesive as a family, and we proudly realize that whether it is in Asia, Africa, America, Europe or Oceania, our children do not seek the difference, but what brings us together as human begins, and that (for us) is the most important thing!

The choice of the destination

It is essential to research the destination, the hotel structure, the health services, the transport, the culture and the climate. The latter affects the quantity and type of clothing that we need to carry.

Where to stay?

A good location is essential, preferably central, and can help avoid long commuting, maximize your time and avoid problems with the little ones!

Prepare the kids to travel and for the destination

Whenever we travel with our children we try to engage them in the preparations for the trip. However young they may be, believe me, they will keep many memories, for they are more attentive and insightful than we imagine!

We often use car trips or meal times to talk about the language, food and culture they will find at the destination.

We show pictures and articles about the places to visit so that they are immediately engaged.

Choose the itinerary carefully

Long trip times, lack of entertainment and discomfort during the routes are the main negative factors.

Whenever possible, avoid many and long layovers. Find out about the entertainment on board (if you travel by plane) and never...never forget the little one's stuffed toy, game or favorite activity. It can be a great ally during a crisis.

Do not overload your itinerary. Allow everyone to choose an activity. Make it simple!

If you are going to visit Paris for the first time, it can be tempting to visit the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Musée D'Orsay, the Trocadero and try to drag the kids to the famous French haute cuisine restaurants, right?

Planning an itinerary with insane amounts of activities or booking some in which you may not feel good with children is one of the most common mistakes!

Make it simple. You don't have to see everything a destination has to offer on just one trip 

Respect the times and tastes of the whole family and everything will go much better!

We hope these tips will inspire you and that you will travel a lot!

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