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Thermal Treatments Pedras Salgadas

Porto, Portugal

Pedras Salgadas SPA

30% off thermal treatments and 10% off SPA treatments.   

Come enjoy a massage and a thermal treatment, or simply relax. The various treatments are divided into the following therapies:


Intake of Vidago mineral water, which due to its mineral-rich composition has diuretic and alkalizing effects, as well as a positive impact on the digestive system. Treatment with a usual minimum duration of 7 days, which may vary according to the medical prescription.

Jet Shower

This general or partial shower is directed to specific points. It causes an increase in muscle tone and has stimulating effects.

Immersion Bath

A simple immersion in a bathtub with natural mineral water, with no chemical or physical modification other than the temperature. Temperatures range from 36°C to 42°C for a period of time of 10 to 20 minutes.

Whirlpool Bath

A bath in a specific bathtub using jets with alternating circuits to achieve the desired result. It allows you to relax and oxygenate all your muscles, delivering excellent results for rheumatic and muscular problems and accumulated stress.

Whirlpool Massage with Jet

This is a whirlpool massage using an underwater jet, the power of which is reduced by the bath water. It has a relaxing, decontracting and edema-mobilizing effect, activating blood circulation locally.

Vichy Shower

One of the most relaxing thermal treatments available, it consists of a general or partial body massage under the effect of several Vidago thermal water showers. This treatment combines massage techniques with the pressure exerted by water jets. It releases accumulated tension, stimulates blood circulation, and improves skin elasticity.