Find out how to earn TAP Miles&Go miles when renting a car at Rentcars.

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 From March 27 to April 9, 2023, rent a car with Rentcars at over 200 car rental companies around the world and earn lots of miles! Book now via this link only. 

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1 euro


Terms and Conditions

  1. Campaign period: March 27 to April 9, 2023.
  2. Offer: On bookings made via the partnership link during the campaign period, clients will earn 12 miles for each 1 EUR spent on car rentals.
  3. Only clients who have joined the TAP Miles&Go Programme before the booking request and confirmation process are eligible for earning miles.
  4. Miles will be registered only if the booking is made via the exclusive TAP Miles&Go page(s) on the Rentcars website, as provided on the Miles&Go portal, on behalf of the TAP Miles&Go Programme member (Taxpayer Registration Number **OR** TAP Miles&Go Client Number, consisting of two letters and nine digits; e.g.: TP000000000).
  5. Clients will earn TAP Miles&Go Programme miles upon booking 1 to 29 car rental days.
  6. It is the client's sole responsibility to fill in their personal data correctly; if there is any misspelling or incorrect flow during the booking process (partnership page, and filling in the Taxpayer Registration Number or TAP Miles&Go Account Number), the credits will not be registered.
  7. Miles will be valid only if the booking is used and the rental company reports it to Rentcars.
  8. TAPMiles&Go miles will be credited after the rental company reports that the booking has been used. The deadline for crediting the miles is approximately 120 days after the vehicle is returned, although it may take longer depending on the rental company and the destination.
  9. Bookings made by any means other than TAP's exclusive page(s) on the Rentcars website will not earn any miles.
  10. The number of miles will be calculated according to the vehicle's daily rental price, as agreed upon and confirmed on the website. Costs related to vehicle protection services or additional products purchased on the website or at the rental company's desk will not be considered.
  11. For bookings paid in a different currency, the conversion to points takes place on the day of the booking confirmation.
  12. Interest amounts resulting from installment plans will not accrue miles.
  13. For payments using any type of discount, the number of miles will be calculated according to the total paid amount.
  14. Miles cannot be applied after the booking has been issued.
  15. The earning of miles cannot be combined with discount coupons.
  16. In the event of fraud, the miles will be removed from the client's account.
  17. Our fares are subject to change without prior notice.
  18. On rare occasions, it may be necessary to prove that the booking has been used, so we recommend keeping a copy of the rental agreement until the points are registered.