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TAP Miles&Go will offer three categories of miles upgrades, with different associated values. These categories are available through the existing channels: Contact Center, Online and Boarding Gate.
  • Early Upgrade: Available through the Contact Center, it is intended for customers who wish to secure an upgrade to Executive Class in advance from the time of booking.
  • Upgrade: An existing modality that allows you to Upgrade in the days before the flight, subject to availability and done through the Online and Contact Center channels.
  • Last Minute Upgrade: Available at the Boarding Gate for passengers Silver and Gold who prefer to wait for the last minute opportunities with the lowest fares.

It’s so easy to upgrade!

1. Book your trip
Choose your destination and make your reservation in Economy Class.
2. Upgrading
Click "Upgrade Now", select or enter your booking details and get your Upgrade!
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3. Enjoy comfort on your Executive Class trip
Travel, earn miles and start thinking about your next destination.

See the benefits of flying Executive Class

Fast track
The service that gives you priority in safety control and X-ray equipment.

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On board meals
Experience superior quality service as you cross the skies.

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Comfort in Executive Class
Here you will find all the space and privacy you need for your trip.

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Find out how many miles you'll need for an upgrade or a Last Minute Upgrade in each zone
Last Minute Upgrade prices apply to Upgrade requests made at the boarding gate.

    Terms and conditions

    1. Upgrades cannot be combined with other offers.
    2. Upgrades can be made for all fares except group fares.
    3. With Flight Pass, it is only possible to upgrade with miles online.
    4. The number of miles needed to upgrade is always the same, regardless of whether the passenger is an adult or child.
    5. Paying for an upgrade with miles is always done per leg.
       Example 1 (Madeira/Azores – South America) : Upgrade Funchal-Lisbon: 12.900 miles + Lisbon-Rio de Janeiro: 68.000 miles.
       Example 2 (Madeira/Azores – South America) : Last Minute Upgrade Funchal-Lisbon: 11.900 miles + Lisbon-Rio de Janeiro: 57.900 miles.
       Example 3 (Madeira/Azores – South America) : Early Upgrade Funchal-Lisbon: 14.400 miles + Lisbon-Rio de Janeiro: 81.600 miles.
       Example 4 (South America – Europe 1): Upgrade São Paulo-Lisbon: 68.000 miles + Lisbon-Paris: 15.000 miles.
       Example 5 (South America – Europe 1): Last Minute Upgrade São Paulo-Lisbon: 57.900 miles + Lisbon-Paris: 14.000 miles.
       Example 6 (South America – Europe 1): Early Upgrade São Paulo-Lisbon: 81.600 miles + Lisbon-Paris: 18.000 miles.
       Example 7 (Europe 2 – South America): Upgrade Prague: Prague-Lisbon: 18.000 miles + Lisbon-Rio de Janeiro : 68.000 miles.
       Example 8 (Europe 2 – South America): Last Minute Upgrade Prague: Prague-Lisbon: 16.900 miles + Lisbon-Rio de Janeiro : 57.900 miles.
       Example 9 (Europe 2 – South America): Early Upgrade Praga: Prague-Lisbon: 22.800 miles + Lisbon-Rio de Janeiro : 81.600 miles.
    6. Earning TAP Miles&Go miles is based on the class/fare initially booked. 
    7. Administrative fees:
      Change: €50.00
      Cancellation: €80.00
      Exemption: Gold and TAP Platinum Clients when they are passengers (for both rates).
      If the client's miles are expiring, they will maintain their initial expiry date - that is, if the expiry date has already passed, the miles will not be returned to the client's account, so the miles refund should be requested before their expiry date. 
    8. The number of miles indicated always refers to only one leg.
    9. The Last Minute Upgrade is only available at the boarding gate, before the beginning of boarding operations. It may not be available on all routes and/or flights for operational reasons.
    10. The Last Minute Upgrade is only available to the account holder who is traveling.
    11. See all the TAP Miles&Go Program Terms and Conditions here.

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