Camila and Lucas fell in love with Lisbon and Sintra during their Portugal Stopover.

Episode 1

The Brazilian couple spent their honeymoon in Paris, but without making a Stopover they would not have got to know Portugal.

Camila and Lucas spent their honeymoon in Paris, but before returning home to São Paulo, they decided to make a Stopover so they could visit Lisbon and Sintra. “Sintra is magical”, said Camila. “The town is famous for its magic and legends, but it is only when you are there that you feel it!” For Lucas, it was the only way to visit another of the world’s romantic destinations. The hospitality of the people and the traditional sweets are other highlights of their time in Portugal. They decided to make their Stopover so they could visit lots of new sights in just a few days. Not only did they not regret their decision, but they said their Stopover experience was another highlight of their honeymoon. They were full of praise for the Portugal Stopover app: “We didn’t have internet, but with the app we could consult the map and see the tourist locations offline. We didn’t get lost and we saved time!”