With 14 million people, Senegal is much more than Dakar Rally. There’s an impressive number of beautiful landscapes, parks and national reserves. Book a flight to Senegal.

Water sports and wildlife

The heart of the country is the capital Dakar, in its streets markets (such as the popular Maché Kermel) or the beautiful Gorée Island. But there’s also hundreds of kilometres of great beaches. And wildlife to explore: Niokolo-Koba and Oiseaux du Djoudj national parks are a must see for nature lovers.

The importance of a legacy

Once a french colony, Senegal has become a place of mixed cultures. From african tribes to european communities and muslim people. And some of its greatest names are known worldwide: Léopold Senghor, ex-president, poet and one of Africa’s most important intellectuals; or the famous singer Youssou N’Dour.

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