Cape Verde

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Cape Verde

On the Atlantic ocean, 455 km from the Senegal’s cape with the same name, stand the ten islands and eight islets that form this special country. The 500 thousand Cape-Verdeans will receive you with arms wide open. Book a flight to Cape Verde and...

From barlavento to sotavento
On the northern islands (barlavento), Sal is the most visited island, but Boa Vista and São Vicente also deserve special atention. On the sotavento (southern islands), Santiago presents the capital city of Praia and Cidade Velha, cradle of the cape verdean culture and World Heritage Site. Also the Fire Islands enchant with their vulcanic beauty.

Flavors, music and hospitality
But it’s not all beaches. Simple and fun, the people of Cape Verde are always willing to have a great time at the table or the dance floor. After eating a cachupa, the national recipe, or a dish made of fish or corn, you can’t miss the sounds of the morna, the funaná or the coladeira.
Cape Verde / Sal
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