Earn miles with Vans.

The irreverence and sensuality of Guess are linked to its design. Its style celebrates the human form. The brand "has glamourized" jeans and combined the sophistication and quality of European design with North American joviality and sex appeal. Quality and attitude give the brand a unique design, from casual style to urban chic.

Earn miles with Vans

Earn miles on purchases from Vans stores

Provide your TAP Miles&Go Client Number whenever you make a purchase in a Vans store, the Brodheim group, and earn miles for every euro you spend.
€1 spent
1 mile
€1 spent over €1,500
2 miles

Terms and conditions

  1. Miles will only be allocated to clients who provide their TAP Miles&Go Client Number when making a purchase.
  2. The miles will be credited to the TAP Miles&Go Client account within one month of purchase.
  3. Miles can only be earned on purchases made in Portugal.
  4. Once the miles have been credited to the Client’s Account they cannot be returned.