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Discover all that TAP offers to make your flight perfect.

Whether you are preparing for a long journey, dreaming of your first flight or thinking of the entertainment that awaits you, all the answers are here.

In-flight comfort

  • Meals Discover all the flavors you can enjoy during your flight.
  • Entertainment Discover all the fun that awaits you!
  • Our fleet Find out about TAP’s fleet of aircraft.
  • Connectivity Even up in the clouds, you can access the Internet and travel to other worlds.
  • Digital Kiosk Download newspapers and magazines to your mobile device, so you don’t have to carry physical copies with you.
  • Electronic devices TAP allows the use of smartphones and tablets at all stages of your flight.
  • UP Magazine Discover the best Portugal has to offer and enjoy fantastic stories and pictures of other places around the world.
  • Seats on board Have you thought about the comfort that this option will give you?
  • Preparing for long-haul flights Advice for a more comfortable flight.