Before traveling with TAP, check what documents you need for your chosen destination.

Documents and authorizations

Travel worry-free with all the documents you need.
  • Flying to Brazil Know the rules about the currency.
  • Travel to Canada Everything you need to know to travel to Canada
  • Flying to the USA TAP tells you everything you need to know to travel to the United States.
  • Schengen Visa Find out more about stopovers at airports in the Schengen area and what documentation is required.
  • Traveling to the UK If you are traveling to the UK, see all the useful information and what changes with Brexit.
  • Electronic Passports The fastest and most convenient way to get through passport control.
  • Medical clearance Find out all you need to know about medical clearances.

To find out more about all the documents required and get health advice on the country you are going to visit, please go to:

Iata travel centre