Electronic passports

Learn here how to use electronic passports and avoid queues.

All European Union citizens aged 18 years or over holding an electronic passport can use the electronic border control devices at the main Portuguese airports. 

If you are travelling within the Schengen area, avoid queues at passport control by using the RAPID - Automatic Recognition of Passengers Identified by Documents system. 

Tooltip:The Schengen area is an agreement between European countries on a policy of free movement of persons between the signatory countries.

How to use it

It is very easy and quick to use an electronic passport. Follow these steps. 

  • Insert your electronic passport in the device, open and facing down. Wait while it is scanned;
  • When the door opens you can remove the passport and move forwards;
  • Place yourself on top of the yellow circle on the floor and look face on directly into the mirror;
  • Move forward when the second door opens.

You must not

  • Cover your face;
  • Wear a hat;
  • Use a mobile phone or other electronic device;
  • Wear sunglasses.

Advantages of electronic passports

TAP passengers using these means of identification get: 

  • Secure identification;
  • Protection from illegal appropriation of identity and improper use of the document;
  • Protection from attempts to modify the document;
  • Aid in the detection of forged or altered documents.