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All passengers aged 16 years and over must present a PCR test for COVID-19, with a negative result, performed no more than 72 hours prior to boarding. Note: For passengers entering Switzerland from a country with a variant of concern, the test requirement on boarding applies to those aged 6 and over.

This applies to all passengers, even those who have been vaccinated or recovered from COVID.

Passengers who do not comply with this requirement can be denied boarding.

More information available here and use Swiss interactive tool to confirm all requirements for your case. 

Effective December 6, 2021, the CDC has mandated that all passengers travelling to the U.S., at least 2 years of age or older, must present either:

  • A negative COVID-19 test taken no more than one day (24 hours) before their flight’s departure; OR
  • Documentation of having recovered from COVID-19 within the previous 90 days, which should include a positive COVID-19 test taken within the previous 90 days before their flight and a letter from a licensed healthcare provider or public health official stating that the passenger has been cleared for travel.

It is important to note that the new 24 hour testing requirement applies to all passengers 2 years in age and older regardless of vaccination status.  Accepted tests are NAAT or viral antigen tests cleared, approved or issued emergency use authorization by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”).

Passengers who do not comply with this requirement can be denied boarding.

Additionally, it is also mandatory that all passengers, over 2 years of age, fill out and present the disclosure and attestation form. The form can be downloaded here.

More information available here

As of 4h/4AM, Tuesday 7 December all passengers aged 12 years and over must present a PCR or LFD COVID-19 test, with a negative result, before they travel to the United Kingdom.

This will apply whether you qualify as fully vaccinated or not.

Passengers who do not comply with this requirement can be denied boarding.

More information available here.


For arrival to the UK after 4h/4AM, Tuesday, November 30, 2021: Vaccinated passengers will be required to have a PCR test before the end of the second day after arrival in the UK and will be required to self-isolate until a negative PCR test result is received. More information is available here.

As of November 26, 2021, Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia, Angola, South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Eswatini, Zimbabwe and Namibia have been added to the UK red list. If you have been in one of these countries in the 10 days before you arrive in the UK you can only enter the UK if you are a British or Irish citizen or permanently resident in the UK. If you are allowed entry you will need to stay in a managed quarantine hotel and take COVID tests. Full information is available here.


All passengers, vaccinated and not vaccinated, with Continental Portugal as a final destination or in transit, must have a negative RT-PCR (or similar NAAT) test result. The test must be taken a maximum of 72 hours before the first departure. Alternatively, passengers can have an antigen test (TRAg) taken a maximum of 48 hours before departure. Only antigen tests acceptable by the European Union Health Committee are accepted for travel. The results must be in Portuguese, French, English, Spanish, or Italian and may be presented in paper or digital format.

Exceptions to the presentation of COVID tests:

  • Those holding a EU Digital COVID Certificate of recovery (valid for 180 days) can also present it as proof.
  • Children under 12 years of age do not need to present test. 

Passengers who do not comply with the presentation of the negative COVID test will not be allowed to board.

Confirm all rules and restrictions here.

Note - Different rules may apply to passengers traveling the Azores or Madeira.

It is mandatory that all passengers complete the Passenger Locator Form for flights to Continental Portugal, this applies to all journeys, both when it is the final destination or in transit. It must be filled out after completing your check-in, as you will need to include your seat number. You will need to present printed proof that the form has been filled out and successfully submitted, non-compliance with this requirement will result in denied boarding and constitutes as an infraction, which can be sanctioned with  a fine of €300 to 800€.  

If for any reason passengers are unable to fill out the online form (PLF), they can fill it out on paper and print it. Download here.

As of 23h/11 PM, of November 29, 2021, and until December 13, flights to and from Morocco are suspended as per the determination of the Moroccan Government. Passengers with flights in the mentioned period can request the refund of their ticket here.

As of November 28, 2021, foreigners are banned from entering Israel for 14 days. Israeli passengers and those with a permanent residence in Israel who are returning should confirm the rules and restrictions in force before traveling here. Passengers with tickets to Israel for these dates can request a refund here.

The Portuguese Government have decreed that flights from Mozambique and South Africa, as well as Botswana, Eswatini, Lesotho, Namibia and Zimbabwe are not allowed to enter national territory as of 00 hours/12 AM (Continental Portugal time) of November 29, 2021.

Furthermore, passengers arriving from Mozambique and South Africa or those that present a passport with a departure record from the countries referred above, regardless of the origin of the flight,  as of 00 hours/12 AM (Continental Portugal time) of November 27, 2021 on direct or indirect flights will need to quarantine for 14 days and will also be tested for COVID upon arrival.

For some destinations it is mandatory that passengers complete an online form, prior to the flight, proof of which will need to be presented at control points upon arrival, verify below if this is needed in your case. For destinations that do not have an online form, passengers will be requested to fill out a form during the flight.

It is the passenger’s responsibility to comply with all government policies and entry requirements, for example the need to fill out forms and/or Covid-19 testing. Failure to do so may result in denied boarding for the flight or entry to the destination.

Please be aware that there are specific procedures for some destinations that can be verified hereAlways confirm information with official government agencies to ensure you are able to reach your destination.


Symptomatic passengers identified at the airport by public health authorities may be refused to continue their journey.


NOTE - For journeys to the USA or Canada it is mandatory that passengers have received  two doses of a vaccine against COVID-19 (or one dose of the Jensen vaccine). If the passenger has only a recuperation certificate or has only received one dose the vaccine, it is not equivalent to full vaccination.


Due to the lockdown decreed by the Austrian government, TAP authorizes a change free of charge, under the conditions mentioned below: 

Applicable for TAP tickets, issued until November 23, 2021, (inclusive), for TAP operated flights and with travel dates between November 20 and December 13, 2021, on Lisbon-Vienna, and vice-versa, routes.

  • New travel date must be within the validity of the ticket (totally unused or partly used tickets);
  • Fare difference will be charged, if applicable;
  • Tickets must be immediately reissued upon change;
  • Valid for all TAP brand, including Discount fare.

En raison des restrictions en matière d’espace dans nos avions à certaines périodes de l’année, nous vous prions de noter que l’achat de bagages supplémentaires est limité sur les vols suivants : 
  • À destination d’Accra, Bissau*, Conakry*, Dakar*, Praia, São Vicente et São Tomé:
    • Noël – du 11 décembre 2021 au 9 janvier 2022* 
    • Pâques – du 1 avril 2022 au 17 avril 2022
    • Été – du 11 juin 2022 au 11 septembre 2022*
  • Au départ d’Accra et Conakry*:
    • Nouvel an – du 26 décembre 2021 au 9 janvier 2022
    • Pâques – du 18 avril 2022 au 25 avril 2022
    • Été – du 11 juin 2022 au 11 septembre 2022*
* Remarque : La destination finale à Bissau sera étendue à la période estivale avec un embargo jusqu'au 30 septembre 2022.
Destination finale Bissau avancera la période de Noël prescrite avec embargo depuis le 13 novembre 2021.
Destination finale Conakry, la période estivale ne devrait être considérée que du 10 juillet 2022 au 8 août 2022, et la période de Noël du 16 décembre 2021 au 29 décembre 2021.
Destination finale Dakar, la période estivale ne devrait être considérée que du 24 juin 2022 au 30 septembre 2022.
Point de départ Conakry, la période estivale ne devrait être considérée que du 30 juillet 2022 au 6 septembre 2022, et la période du Nouvel An du 1er janvier 2022 au 10 janvier 2022.

Les voyages à destination d'Accra, Bissau, Conakry, Dakar, Praia, São Tomé et São Vicente et au départ à Accra et Conakry ne permettront pas d'excès de bagage (poids et / ou dimensions) de la franchise associée au tarif, d'achat de pièce de bagage supplémentaire, ni de transport d'animaux, d'équipements sportifs ou d'instruments de musique expédiés en soute. Seul sera accepté le nombre de bagages indiqués sur le billet, dont la somme des trois dimensions (hauteur, largeur et longueur) ne dépasse pas 158 cm et dont le poids est de 23 kg maximum en classe Économique et de 32 kg en classe Exécutive.

Cette restriction s’applique à tous les billets, indépendamment du type de produit acquis ou du statut de Voyageur fréquent, à l’exception des billets tap|discount, pour lesquels il sera possible d’ajouter un seul bagage. 

Nous vous prions de nous excuser pour les désagréments que cela pourrait vous causer.

Use of a face mask is mandatory on board all TAP flights. Therefore, all our passengers, aged over 6, must be equipped with one and guarantee that it is used during the entire duration of the journey.

The use of a face mask will only be exempted for passengers who are proven to have health problems that cannot use it. In these cases, prior to the flight and in order to travel, the passenger must have a medical authorization (MEDIF). Otherwise, boarding will be denied.

We also advise our passengers to inform themselves on specific regulations that may exist at their points of origin and destination, for example that fact that it is already compulsory at many airports to wear a face mask.

Conformément au décret-loi n° 22-A /2021 du gouvernement portugais, les documents portugais dont la date d'expiration est postérieure au 31 mars 2021 sont considérés comme valides jusqu'au 31 décembre 2021.

Les documents ne garderont leur validité après cette date que si le propriétaire apporte la preuve qu'il a déjà demandé le renouvellement aux autorités compétentes.

S'applique aux documents portugais suivants : cartes de citoyen, certifications et certificats délivrés par les services d'identification civile compétents, permis de conduire, documents et visas liés à la permanence sur le territoire national, ainsi que licences et autorisations.
La quantité nette totale de tous ces articles transportés par chaque passager ne doit pas dépasser 2 kg ou 2 L et la quantité nette de chaque article ne doit pas dépasser 0,5 kg ou 0,5 L.

Un désinfectant pour les mains à base d'alcool est acceptable comme bagage à main ou bagage en soute. Cependant, il convient de noter que lorsque les passagers souhaitent avoir un désinfectant pour les mains dans leurs bagages à main, la limite de 100 ml ou l'équivalent par article pour les liquides et les gels conformément aux dispositions relatives à la sécurité aérienne s'applique (si aucune dérogation locale n'a été définie par les autorités compétentes).

Veuillez garder à l'esprit que ces articles ne doivent pas être utilisés sur des équipements ou des surfaces d'aéronef, car ils n'ont pas été approuvés par le constructeur de l'aéronef.
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