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    In Denmark. Not only because of the happiness index, but also because of the many places that make us feel like we're entering a new world. Book a flight to Denmark.

    In this kingdom with more then 1000 years live 5 million people. The winters are cold, but the country has so many reasons to warm the heart.

    Start dreaming

    In Copenhagen you’ll find two well-known theme parks, filled with attractions of all kinds: Tivoli Gardens and Bakken. And this is the land of renaissance palaces! From Rosenberg Castle, in the capital’s centre, to Frederiksborg and Kronborg in North Zealand or Egeskov in the south. Believe us: they’re magic.

    And dream further

    In the small town of Billund, Legoland means a journey through colour and fantasy. Back to Copenhagen, don’t miss the Blue Planet — it’s new and one of northern Europe’s largest aquariums. And, of course, the “exotic” free city of Christiania, where people live according to their own laws and customs.

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