All the essential information on baggage is here.
Your baggage is important to you and to us. Travel with everything you need without having to worry about anything.

  • Hand baggage

    Maximum dimensions: 115 cm / 45 in

    Maximum weight: 10 kg / 22 lbs

    Limit varies according to class/destination.
  • Hold baggage

    158 cm / 62 in.

    Maximum weight: 32kg / 70 lbs.

    Limit varies according to class/destination.
  • Special baggage You don’t have to leave anything at home.
  • Out-size baggage Learn the conditions for travel with out-size baggage on board our aircraft.
  • Dangerous goods Your safety comes first.
  • Illustration with three elements. In the foreground, in the center, a hold bag with wheels, superimposed, in the upper right corner, by a seal with a question mark. In the background, to the left, a trip bag, and to the right a computer screen.
    Baggage problems Has your bag been lost or damaged? See the solutions.
  • Baggage recommendations Discover our recommendations for your baggage to travel safely.

Baggage tools

Everything you need to organize your baggage.
  • Checked baggage Check whether your baggage was transported on your flight.
  • Where is my bag? Track your bags.
  • Lost & Found If your baggage is late, now you can fill out the form online and avoid queues at the airport. You can do it up to 24 hours after your landing. This service is unavailable if your destination is in Brazil (except Sao Paulo - Guarulhos), Italy, or the United Kingdom due to legal restrictions.