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The comfort begins on your way to the hotel

Lisbon, Portugal

The comfort begins on your way to the hotel

Enjoy a 20% discount on on your transfer from Lisbon’s airport to your hotel (and vice versa).

When arriving in Portugal, let yourself be greeted by the get introduced to the so characteristic portuguese hospitality.
  • Go by transfer from Lisbon’s Airport to your hotel and vice versa.
  • Choose between a private service, a minibus or a bus, always with the guarantee of Cityrama’s professionalism and quality of service. 

Options and Prices

  • Private transport (max. 3 passengers) — 31€;
  • Mini bus transportation (from 4 to 8 passengers) — 34€;
  • Mini bus transportation (from 9 to 16 passengers) — 62€;
  • Bus transportation (from 17 to 23 passengers) — 97€;
Note: The services carried out between 9:00 pm and 6:00 am will have an increase of 25% to the original value of the table.


Available everyday, with the exception of the 25th of December in which service is conditioned.