Pride day: LGBT+ friendly destinations for all without exception

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Where it all started

28 June 1969. Stonewall, in Greenwich Village, is the scene of the first protests against discrimination with gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people in the United States.

The so-called Stonewall Uprising would eventually lead to other spontaneous demonstrations and act as a catalyst for the LGBT+ movement.

Pride Day marks this day that changed the history of civil rights not only in Uncle Sam's land but worldwide.

New York: from saloon to the beach
New York's most important LGBT+ neighbourhood is Hell's Kitchen. Between Ninth and Tenth Avenues, you'll find bars, restaurants, barbershops, and other community-oriented establishments.

The main nightlife hotspots are the very popular Industry and the Flaming Saddles Saloon, the latter a favourite for country fans. Another must-visit spot is Jacob Riis Park. Also known as Riis Beach or just Riis, it has been a favourite spot for the LGBT+ community since the 1940s.

Located on the Rockway Peninsula in Queens, the beach was chosen by nudists and continues to maintain its 'queer' identity, being especially lively during Pride Day celebrations.  
Amsterdam: freedom lives here

The Netherlands was the first country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage in 2001 and remains one of the most inclusive countries for LGBT+ people.

The tulips, the canals and the bicycles are some of the postcards of its capital. Still, Amsterdam is also famous for the Regueliersdwarsstraat neighbourhood, where the most 'queer' activity is centred. The itinerary is extensive in this city, so if you have any doubts, ask for help at Pink Point, a kiosk dedicated to LGBT+ information, where you'll find tips and recommendations for your trip.

In any case, we recommend EXIT Café, which is open all night long.  

Telavive: a progressive city

Although gay marriage is not allowed in Israel, one city stands out for its open-mindedness.

Tel Aviv even has the largest Pride celebration in the region and welcomes the LGBT+ community with open arms. It is even considered one of the most LGBT+ friendly cities in the world.

If in doubt, discover Hilton Beach, a beach that appears as an LGBT+ reference in tourist guides. Then spend a lively night at Shpagat, a popular club for visitors and locals alike.  

San Francisco: the strength of the pionner spirit

This is the city of Harvey Milk, the great LGBT+ rights activist. The world's first gay neighbourhood was born here: the Castro, with its stunning theatre of the same name.

And did you know that San Francisco is also the birthplace of the rainbow flag? This universal symbol was created in 1978 by Gilbert Baker for the Pride parade, and, at the time, it had eight stripes, which later became six.

To discover this and other curiosities, you can visit the GLBT History Museum, where you can learn about the history of the LGBT+ community in San Francisco and Northern California from the 1850s to the present day. Still, it's worth visiting the Twin Peaks Tavern around the Castro. Opened in 1972, this is believed to be the first gay bar in the country to have huge glass windows and doors, which allow passers-by to see what's going on inside. 

Madrid: from Almodóvar with Love

No one like the director of "Mulheres à Beira de um Ataque de Nervos" to portray Madrid, especially it's nightlife and fewer mainstream characters. Pedro Almodóvar's films are an excellent alternative tourist guide, but just in case, we suggest Chueca, the heart of LGBT+ in Madrid.

A stone's throw from Gran Vía, it offers various bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and other businesses. If you're interested in nightlife, head to Plaza de Pedro Zerolo, where you'll find El Paso bar and the Bearbie disco, two musts of the locals. 

Lisbon: hospitality without limits

The Portuguese are known for receiving tourists impeccably. And Lisbon is no exception.

The capital says no to prejudice and welcomes the LGBT+ community with open arms. Príncipe Real and Bairro Alto are two of the most popular areas thanks to the bars and relaxed atmosphere, especially at night. To talk about Lisbon is to speak about Finalmente, its oldest gay club created 40 years ago. Transvestism and burlesque shows also attract heterosexual clients, who are very welcome here. The same happens at Trumps, the second oldest gay disco in the city. In the 1980s, artists, writers, musicians, and fashion stars came here.

António Variações gave his first concerts at Trumps. After a lively night, cross the river and head for Costa da Caparica. Praia 19 awaits you, the most popular gay beach in the country and already spotted on many international tourist routes. 

Start planning your next trip now. The hard part will be choosing only one destination.  

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