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Earn and spend miles with TURIM Hotels.

Prepare your next getaway!

Earn more miles and relax in a modern and sophisticated hotel.

Earn more miles when booking at selected TURIM hotels*, until 5 January 2020. Book your stay on the Turim Hotels website or directly with the hotel you want to stay at, and earn 8 miles for each euro you spend!

Take the opportunity to discover the wonderful city of Lisbon, which hides a story in every corner, or breathe in the nature and beautiful landscapes that Madeira has to offer.

1 euro Spent In selected TURIM hotels*
4 miles 8 miles

Terms and Conditions

  1. Campaign valid from 1 December 2019 to 05 January 2020.
  2. All bookings must either be processed via the website or directly with the hotel, so that all the benefits may be granted.
  3. Bookings made in any other way will not receive miles or be able to take advantage of these conditions.