TAP Miles&Go Status

The more you fly, the more benefits you’ll get! Find out about TAP Miles&Go status.

Learn more about Status Miles

You earn Status Miles whenever you fly with TAP and the Star Alliance network. These miles are used to keep or reach  TAP Miles&Go Gold or Silver status and offer extra benefits to TAP Miles&Go clients.

The status miles are not added to your miles account and so cannot be used for Award Tickets or other services.

You will always get as many Status Miles as Bonus Miles, depending on the route and fare of your flight.

Learn more about your first status, TAP Miles&Go

You automatically get TAP Miles&Go status when you join the programme
  • Miles tickets

    Convert miles into MilesOnly and Miles&Cash Tickets (TAP) and Award Tickets (other companies).
  • Earn miles that you can exchange for products and services

    Earn more miles and spend them on travel and acquiring other TAP Miles&Go Programme products and services.
  • Round the world tickets

    Exchange your miles for a round-the-world ticket and fly business or economy class with the Star Alliance airlines.
  • One way miles tickets

    Buy one-way MilesOnly and Miles&Cash Tickets for TAP flights for 50% off the cost of a return flight.
  • Child ticket

    Get 25% off the price of MilesOnly and Miles&Cash Tickets for TAP flights.
  • Upgrade

    Upgrade and try out everything Executive Class has to offer.
  • Special offers and exclusive promotions

    Discover the range of special offers and promotions we have for you. Use your Miles card.
  • Receive a TAP Miles&Go gift on your birthday

    We don’t forget you on your birthday! We have a surprise waiting for you.

If you need more Status Miles to maintain or move to Gold or Silver status, you can always convert your Bonus Miles into Status Miles.

TAP Miles&Go tier levels Amount needed to reach the status Convertible Bonus Miles to reach the status Amount need to maintain the status  Convertible Bonus Miles to maintain the status
 TAP Miles&Go   - - -   -
 TAP Miles& Go Silver   30.000 Status Miles /25 TAP flights  10.000 Bonus Miles >  5.000 Status Miles  20.000 Status Miles / 15 TAP flights 10.000 Bonus Miles >  5.000 Status Miles 
 TAP Miles&Go Gold  70.000 Status Miles / 50 TAP flights  20.000 Bonus Miles  > 10.000 Status Miles 50.000 Status Miles / 40 TAP flights  10.000 Bonus Miles >  5.000 Status Miles 

There are even more advantages waiting for you! Discover Silver and Gold status.

Fly more and get more benefits. Discover all the benefits that await you and start to earn Status Miles.
A world of benefits awaits you!
The status that offers you the world!