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Porto, Portugal

Mission to Escape

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Mission To Escape is the largest escape game group in Portugal, 100% national, with 12 original themed rooms distributed across its 3 locations: Lisbon, Porto and LoureShopping (Loures). 

MTE had its start in 2015 and quickly grew to become the national reference, with more than 1,5km2 of gaming area.

All challenges are original and proprietary, designed to be appealing to both beginners and advanced players. We accompany the teams at all times, challenging and/or assisting progression, in promoting a unique, exciting and fun experience!

The following missions are available:

  • Porto: 4 Escape Rooms (Wizard School l, Wizard School ll, Space Wars, SWAT).
  • Lisbon (city center): 5 Escape Rooms (Prison Escape, Da Vinci's Mystery, Catacom Jones, Las Vegas Robbery, The Robbery by Sony Music).
  • Loures (LoureShopping): 4 Escape Rooms (Wizard School I and II, Alex Rider, 008 - License to Escape) and Escape Rooms in Virtual Reality.




60 minutes.


All players must arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled time to receive the activity briefing; players must always confirm the date and time of the booking.


Portuguese and English (please mention the language you want in the booking email).