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Stroll around Porto on a Tuk Tuk

Porto, Portugal

Tuk Tuk: special tours

Stopover in Porto

15% discount on a Tuk Tuk tour
Discover the 'Unbeaten City' aboard a Tuk Tuk.
  • Explore the downtown area and discover Porto's narrowest streets;
  • Unravel the city's granite mysteries and the secrets of Clerigos Tower and the Cathedral;
  • Bring up to 6 friends and enjoy a comfortable, original and definitely fun tour.


Downtown Porto

Length of Visit

1 hour


Schedules depend on the availability of Tuk Tuks.
December 25 - No tours
June 23/24 and December 31 - Until 4 pm


Tuk it Easy | Downtown Porto - €13/passenger
€13 - €70 | Visit website to see other routes