Porto Seguro Cards

Porto Seguro Cards

Earn miles with Porto Seguro Cards.

Porto Seguro Cards and TAP Miles&Go programme, is offering you a bonus of up to 100%.

Transfer your points, earn miles and make the most of them to discover the new TAP destinations.

Transfer points from your Porto Seguro Card on 17 or 18 June and get a special gift:
  • 70% bonus for all clients;
  • 100% for clients who sign up to the TAP Miles&Go club.

Even if you are not a TAP Miles&Go club member yet, there is still time!

Join up here until 18 June and earn 100% bonus in miles for transferring the points from your Porto Seguro Card.

Make the most of this opportunity and fly to one of our new TAP destinations.

Bonus offer limited to a maximum of 500,000 miles.

Terms and conditions:

  1. Transfer period: 17 and 18 June 2019 only.
  2. This campaign is valid until 11:59 p.m. on 18 June 2019, Brasilia time.
  3. Bonus validity: One year from the transfer date.
  4. Bonus: 70% for all clients and 100% for TAP Miles&Go club members, limited to a maximum of 500,000 miles. The bonus is never more than 500,000 miles, even if you transfer more miles than that.

    Examples for 70% bonus (bonus limited to 500,000 miles):
    Transfer // Bonus // Total credited
    25,000  //  17,500 //   42,500
    100,000 //  70,000 //  170,000
    400,000 //  280,000 //  680,000
    800,000 //  500,000 //  1,300,000

    Examples for 100% bonus (bonus limited to 500,000 miles):
    Transfer // Bonus // Total credited
    25,000  //  25,000 //   50,000
    100,000 //  100,000 //  200,000
    400,000 //  400,000 //  800,000
    800,000 //  500,000 //  1,300,000

  5. The bonus will be credited within 7 business days after the end of the special offer (by 28/06/19).
  6. The client must already be a TAP Miles&Go programme member and must give their TAP Miles&Go account number when they make the transfer.
  7. The miles will only be transferred if the tax number and date of birth of the partner account holder are identical to the tax number and date of birth of the holder of the TAP Miles&Go programme account. We strongly recommend you check your details in the TAP Miles&Go programme before transferring the points so the transfer is not rejected.
  8. Eligible clients: all Porto Seguro Card holders.
  9. To get the 100% bonus, the clients must be TAP Miles&Go club members by the last day of this campaign, 18/06/2019.
  10. Contact the card Relationship Centre to transfer your points.

    Porto Seguro Card Relationship Number: 4004-3600 (Capitals and metropolitan regions) | 0800-727-7477 (Other places) | 0800-701-5582 (Only for the hard of hearing).