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TAP Vouchers

TAP vouchers are electronic documents whose amount can be redeemed for tickets or services on TAP Air Portugal flights.
If you have a TAP Voucher, you can check its status, balance and validity below:
For your safety, please provide us with the e-mail address where you received your voucher.
Important information

Use the online actions provided on this page to get your request fulfilled at a faster pace.

Our Contact Center is facing higher demand and the average waiting time may now be longer than usual. Please do contact us only if your situation cannot be resolved.

  1. The voucher's expiry date can be found in the 'Valid until' field;
  2. The voucher can be redeemed for trips and/or TAP services;
  3. The voucher can be used on online purchases at;
  4. You may use up to three vouchers per online purchase; 
  5. If there is any outstanding amount, you can only use up to two vouchers. The remainder will be paid via credit card or any other method which is available when completing the online purchase;
  6. If you want to use more than three vouchers on the same online purchase, or if the total amount of three vouchers is not enough to pay for the entire purchase, please contact our Contact Center;
  7. You do not have to spend the entire voucher amount on a single purchase, as it will be deducted until the total amount has been used;
  8. The voucher can be used in various transactions. If the cost of the new ticket or service is lower than the voucher amount, the remaining balance can be used to pay for other trips and/or TAP services;
  9. The voucher can be used to pay for a new ticket or service on behalf of someone other than the voucher holder;
  10. Voucher credits may not be sold.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can redeem your voucher for TAP tickets or services (extra luggage, booking seats, etc.).

The voucher can be used at

Go to the payments page, choose the option 'Add voucher or promo code', and enter your voucher number. 

The voucher amount will be deducted automatically from the purchase total amount.

The voucher cannot be combined with the Miles&Go Promo discount. 
Yes. The remaining amount will be available on the same voucher and can be used to pay for other TAP trips or services. 
Yes, you can use up to 3 vouchers, if there is no remaining amount to be paid using a different payment method.
You will need to contact our Contact Center.
No. If you want to use various vouchers in the same payment, all vouchers must have been issued in the same currency. 
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