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In this edition: 
  • Cover theme: Wood;
  • That place: Amazonia;
  • Success in Portuguese: Giz do Tempo;
  • Travel look: Eternal women.
Download the magazine here (PDF, 73MB, PT, EN).
In this edition:
  • Cover theme: Santiago de Compostela;
  • That place: Errachidia, Morocco;
  • Trip stories: Bonito, Brazil;
  • Benamôr: Success in Portuguese.
Download the magazine here (PDF, 51MB, PT).
In this edition:
  • Cover theme: Brasil, Alagoas;
  • That place: Monte Tremblant, Canada;
  • Professional Traveler: Joana Barros;
  • Trip stories: The energy of Prague.
Download the magazine here (PDF, 60MB, PT).
In this edition:
  • Cover theme: Tel Aviv;
  • That place: Le Marais, Paris;
  • Featured trip: Garibaldi, Brazil;
  • Aviation stories: Gago Coutinho at 150.
Download the magazine here (PDF, 83MB, PT, EN).
In this edition:
  • Cover theme: Chicago;
  • That place: Ilha Grande, Rio de Janeiro;
  • Featured trip: Hamburg, a free city;
  • Drift: A detour to Abaeté.
Download the magazine here (PDF, 84MB, PT, EN).
In this edition:
  • Cover theme: Belém do Pará, Brazil;
  • That place: Los Angeles, USA;
  • Trip stories: Leonardo da Vinci - The genius in Milan;
  • Life and trips, a homage to Sertão and Guimarães Rosa.
Download the magazine here (PDF, 74MB, PT, EN).
In this edition:
  • Cover theme: Copenhagen;
  • That place: Balboa Marina, USA;
  • Trip stories: Chapada dos Veadeiros, Brazil;
  • Our fleet.
Download the magazine here (PDF, 105MB, PT, EN).
In this edition:
  • Cover theme: Wild Portugal;
  • That place: Monte-Carlo, Monaco;
  • Tall mountains and fast birds;
  • Trip stories: Ilhéu das Rolas, São Tomé, and Príncipe.
Download the magazine here (PDF, 95MB, PT, EN).
In this edition:
  • Cover theme: Minas Gerais;
  • Portuguese talent: Miguel Januário;
  • That place: Montreal, Canada;
  • The immense fantasy that is in other people's bags.
Download the magazine here (PDF, 80MB, PT, EN).