5 unmissable places in Maputo

If you are going to spend a short time in Maputo, Mozambique, then here are some places to visit that will only take a few hours. Even when time is short it is possible to absorb local history, discover local crafts and enjoy the city’s cuisine, its historical spaces and museums. Welcome to Maputo!

Maputo Municipal Market

Its age is shown by the date on the entrance. Maputo Municipal Market first opened in 1901 and has been selling fresh and traditional produce ever since. From peanuts to cashews, from shellfish to fruit and vegetables – it is especially renowned for chilli peppers. The nuts are the cheapest and easiest to take with you on your return trip. Here you will also find for sale local handicrafts and beauty products, such as hair extensions.

Maputo Railway Station

This is considered one of the most beautiful railway stations in the world. There has been a station here since 1895; however, the current building was built in 1910. The exterior has original details, such as the vintage glass doors, the station clock and the bell. It is almost as if it is frozen in time. There are also two old locomotives on display next to the station entrance.

Maputo Craft, Flower and Food Fair

In this one place, you can find handicrafts from several regions of Mozambique, flowers and spaces selling traditional food. The Maputo Craft, Flower and Food Fair is the perfect place to pick up some souvenirs, with some stalls offering special prices for tourists. You can barter with sellers for fabrics, basket ware, paintings, wooden items, etc. There is a bit of everything.

Natural History Museum

In addition to the dozens of embalmed animals brought from all over the country, the building, which dates from 1911, is home to many objects that describe the history of Mozambique, with all its tribes speaking more than 20 dialects. There are handicrafts, basket ware, masks, images and statues, musical instruments, tools, fashion accessories and kitchen utensils. One of the more curious exhibitions is the unique collection, dating from the First World War, of 14 elephant foetuses from the conception stage to the 22nd month of gestation.

Maputo Fortress

This is one of the capital of Mozambique’s main monuments, where statues and canons with history are kept. The fortress was first occupied at the beginning of the 18th century, although the rectangular structure you see today was built at the start of the 20th century. There are a number of exhibition spaces inside, one of which recounts the story of Gungunhana, the last emperor of the Gaza Empire, the territory of which coincides with modern Mozambique.

By Susana Ribeiro / Viaje Comigo

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