Composition with several raw foods on the right side of the image: Fusili pasta, cherry tomatoes, chopped mushrooms, spinach, basil and pepper berries.

Enjoy Economy Class meals

Fly with TAP in Economy Class and enjoy a wide range of meals, snacks, and beverages according to your destination and the plane you travel on.

Economy Class is changing!

Economy Class flights are changing to better meet your needs.
Depending on the duration of your flight (Medium or Long Haul) and the plane you are traveling on, you will have menus made up of items you can buy on board or complimentary meals. In both you will find fresh and national products, so you can enjoy the best flavors that Portugal has to offer.
Medium Haul1: Inflight Sales Service

Sandwiches, snacks and drinks available for purchase.
On medium-haul flights with In-Flight Sales Service, you can check the menu and purchase any available item whenever you wish. The payment is made at the time of purchase by credit or debit card only*. Download the Inflight Sales Menu here (PDF, 6 MB).

Composition with various foods: Below, a small bowl with olive oil, a slice of cheese, some raw spinach and a bowl with pesto sauce. On top, stuffed pasta (yellow or green), two basil leaves and sliced loin meat.
Long Haul2: Meals included in your fare

Quality, freshness and flavor for free!
On long-haul and intercontinental flights, passengers will be served complimentary meals. When each meal is served, you can choose from among the various Economy Class meals and beverages.

1The In-flight Sales Service is available on routes to and from Europe (except Lisbon-Porto, Alicante, Bilbao, Madrid, Malaga, Seville, Valencia and Russia) and North Africa (except Casablanca). This Service is not available on flights operated by the ATR fleet.
2Meals included in the fare are available on all Long-Haul flights to and from Russia. If your trip includes a connection in Europe or North Africa, our In-Flight Sales Menu will be available.
*Except Visa Electron.

Find out what we will serve on board

The meals included in your fare or the products available through the Economy Class On-board Sales Service vary on our flights, depending on the destination, schedule and plane you are traveling on. If you have already made your reservation, check here for the meal that will be served on your flight.

Meals served in Economy Class on flights to and from destinations in Europe and North Africa

Flights to / from: Austria, Germany, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Spain1, Finland, France, Netherlands, Hungary, United Kingdom, Italy, Ireland, Luxembourg, Morocco1, Norway, Portugal1, Poland, Czech Republic, Sweden, Switzerland and Tunisia.
Airplane 00h00 - 9h29 9h30 - 22h24 22h25 - 23h59
 Airbus and Embraer On-board Sales Service menu available
1Except on flights to/from: Ponte Aérea (Lisbon-Porto); Faro; Alicante; Bilbao; Madrid; Malaga; Seville; Valencia; Casablanca.
Airplane 00h00 - 9h29 9h30 - 22h24 22h25 - 23h59
 ATR Cold Snack Box
Flights to / from: Russia

Complimentary meal included in the fare:

Airplane 00h00 - 8h59 9h00 - 17h59 18h00 - 23h59
 Airbus Hot breakfast  Main hot meal Hot meal

Accompany your meal with good Portuguese wine on Long Haul!

Our wine list consists exclusively of Portuguese wines, reviewed quarterly to ensure that we always present you with the best offer of the season.
In the foreground, a hand holding a glass of white wine. In the background, more blurred, we see a woman's hands, with nails painted red, holding a glass of white wine, tilting it slightly.
If your flight is a Long Haul flight, consult the menu and choose your wine taking into account:
  • Class in which you will travel.
  • Country region.
  • Quarter in which you will be traveling.
llustration allusive to meals served on board. To the center, a green and white drawing of a dish with salad and a skewed fork. On the left side you can see a red apple with a green leaf, and on the right side, a clear green glass with a red liquid inside.
Do you have any other questions related to the meals served on board of TAP?
Please read our FAQ.