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    They are only eligible for bookings made online with miles for flights operated by TAP and TAP Express. Please contact us through the TAP Miles&Go Assistance Centre.

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    They are only eligible for bookings made online with miles for flights operated by TAP and TAP Express. Please contact us through the TAP Miles&Go Assistance Centre.
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Alerts and informations

Humanitarian flights Lisbon-Maputo and Maputo-Lisbon

The Portuguese Embassy in Maputo in conjunction with the Mozambican Government, agreed that two humanitarian flights will be carried out between Lisbon and Maputo, operated by TAP and with passenger transport in both directions, on the following dates:
July 16, 2020: Lisbon– Maputo (TP3227)
July 18, 2020: Maputo – Lisbon (TP3226)
July 23, 2020: Lisbon– Maputo (TP3227)
July 25, 2020: Maputo – Lisbon (TP3226)
As these are humanitarian flights and support for repatriation, only passengers who meet the following conditions will be allowed to travel on the mentioned flights:
1. Flight Lisbon – Maputo

  • Mozambican nationals; or
  • Legal residents in Mozambique; or
  • Holders of an exceptional authorization to enter Mozambique, granted by the Mozambican authorities, pursuant to Article 10 (2) of Decree No. 51/2020 of July 2 of the Republic of Mozambique.

2. Flight Maputo – Lisbon

  • Nationals and legal residents in Portugal, or
  • Citizens of the European Union, nationals of States associated with the Schengen Area and members of their families, in accordance with Directive 2004/38 / EC of the Parliament and of the Council, and
  • Third-country nationals legally resident in a Member State of the European Union, in transit to the country of origin or legal residence.

If you are compliant with the above-mentioned requirements and wish to travel on these flights, please fill out the form available here.

COVID-19 test for entry or transit in Portugal

Portuguese authorities have determined that on flights departing from Portuguese-speaking countries and the United States of America, non-Portuguese passengers or non-residents of Portugal, with destination or transit in Portugal, who do not present at the time of departure proof of a COVID-19 test, namely molecular RT-PCR test, a with a negative result, carried out within the last 72 hours before departure, are not allowed to board or permitted entry to Portugal. This measure applies to adult passengers as well as minors.

Portuguese citizens or foreign nationals with a permanent residence in Portugal who travel without a molecular RT-PCR test will be immediately tested upon arrival at the airport, in which case the cost will be charged to the passenger.

The tests will be carried out and made available by ANA, SA, through qualified health professionals, which can be subcontracted, and passengers must wait for the results of the tests confined to the location where they will be staying, providing their contact details and following the rules of the Directorate-General for Health.

Passengers who are unable to comply with these requirements and who have a travel date until July 15, have the possibility to change the trip for the following week, and shall be exempt from paying the change fee, however the fare difference will be charged, if applicable, and the change will be according to flight availability. For travels from July 16 onwards normal fare rules of the ticket will apply.


Travel restrictions and entry requirements

For the latest entry requirements of the destination you’re travelling to, visit the IATA website here.

If your destination is Portugal, Brazil, Italy, the United Kingdom, Senegal, Switzerland, the Azores or Madeira please be aware that there are specific procedures for the mentioned destinations that should be verified here.


Traveling from the United States Of America and Brazil to Portugal

As a result of restrictions implemented by the Government of Portugal  in effect through July 15, 2020, passengers traveling from Brazil and the United States of America will only be authorized to enter Portugal if they meet certain conditions, verify the conditions here.


In accordance to the directives of DGS and ANAC, all passengers will be requested to fill out the Passenger Locator Card, on all flights arriving to the following Portuguese airports: Humberto Delgado airport (Lisbon), Francisco Sá Carneiro (Porto) and Faro airport (Faro).

Mandatory use of face mask

Use of a face mask is mandatory on board all TAP flights. Therefore, all our passengers must be equipped with one and guarantee that it is used during the entire duration of the journey.

We also advise our passengers to inform themselves on specific regulations that may exist at their points of origin and destination, for example that fact that it is already compulsory at many airports to wear a face mask.

Information regarding the impact of the Coronavirus on TAP’s operation.

Latest updates here.

Restrictions for the transport of baggage on flights to and/or from Abidjan, Accra, Bissau, Dakar, Praia, Sao Vicente and Sao Tome.

Due to space limitations on our aircrafts, during certain times of the year, purchase of extra baggage transportation is restricted for the following destinations and periods:
  • Travelling to Abidjan, Accra, Bissau, Dakar, Praia, Sao Vicente and Sao Tome:
    • Summer – 13 June to 30 August 2020
    • Christmas – from 11 December 2020 to 10 January 2021
    • Easter - from 19 March, 2021 to 4 April, 2021
  • Departing from Abidjan and Accra:
    • Summer – 13 June to 13 September 2020
    • New Year’s – 26 December 2020 to 10 January 21
    • Easter - from 5 April, 2021 to 12 April, 2021
The trips whose destination is Abidjan, Accra, Bissau, Dakar, Praia, São Tomé and São Vicente and whose origin is Abidjan, Accra and Lome will not allow excess baggage (weight and / or dimensions) on the allowance associated with the fare, the purchase of extra baggage, nor the transportation of animals, sports equipment or musical instruments dispatched to the hold. The number of pieces accepted will be in accordance to what is indicated on the ticket and, for each piece, the sum of the three dimensions (height + length + width) cannot exceed 158cm, with a maximum weight of 23kg, in Economy and 32kg, in Executive class.

This restriction is applied to all tickets, regardless of the product that is acquired or the Passenger’s Frequent Flyer status, with the exception of tap|discount tickets, where it is possible to add the transport of one piece of baggage.

We present our sincere apologies for any inconvenience that this situation may cause.

Alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

The total net quantity of all such articles carried by each passenger must not exceed 2 kg or 2 L and the net quantity of each single article must not exceed 0.5 kg or 0.5 L. 

Alcohol-based hand sanitizer is acceptable as carry-on or checked baggage. However, it should be noted that where passengers wish to have the hand sanitizer in their carry-on baggage that the limit of 100 mL or equivalent per item for liquids and gels in accordance with the aviation security provisions applies.

Security restriction (100mL) does not apply to passengers transporting the hand sanitizer on flights departing from Portugal. For flights departing other countries, these restrictions may vary upon each National Authority assessment.
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