Perspective from below, in a close-up and cropped shot, from the top of some buildings in an alley, in the middle of which a square of blue sky is visible, on which the name “Altitude Film Fest” is inscribed.
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On Board Film Festival

Altitude Film Festival

Let's take international cinema to new heights!

From the airport runway to the red carpet

Welcome to the 1st Film Festival on Board TAP Air Portugal. This initiative aims to celebrate the world of cinema and offer unique experiences to our passengers, while promoting our country, its culture and traditions.

The Altitude Film Festival is our first festival of short documentary and fiction films, held on board our long-haul planes. The main goal is to advertise Portugal by showcasing Portuguese culture and traditions, but you can also compete with footage shot in the country.

We want directors from all corners of the world to have the opportunity to compete and see their films screened and voted for in one of the biggest cinemas in Portugal: our in-flight entertainment system.

At this exciting festival, we put the decision-making power in the hands of our passengers. The winners will be chosen on board, by them.

Get ready for a unique and exciting cinematic experience on board our flights. Fasten your seatbelt, we're ready to take off.

A trip through creativity and authenticity

We have two exciting competing categories:

Fiction: fictional narrative stories that demonstrate the creativity and originality of the filmmakers.

Documentary: films that explore reality, history and culture, providing an authentic and educational insight.

These two categories promise to surprise, move and inspire, while inviting us to explore the limits of creativity and celebrate the authenticity of human experiences. Get ready for an extraordinary cinematic journey.

For each category, TAP will designate a panel of judges responsible for viewing and selecting the finalists. This panel of judges is made up of a distinguished group of experts, carefully selected to ensure impartiality and excellence in choosing the winners.

This jury includes some personalities linked to the world of film festivals, nationally and internationally. These figures bring with them vast experience and in-depth knowledge of the film industry, contributing to the credibility and prestige of the Altitude Film Festival.

Among the jury members, we find renowned film critics and influential festival curators, all united by a passion for cinema and a commitment to elevating the art of short films.

This diverse and experienced jury not only ensures a fair and careful evaluation, but also enriches the festival with varied and valuable perspectives, reflecting the richness and diversity of international cinema and our country.

The Festival winners selection process is conducted with rigor and transparency, following a methodology carefully planned by the jury. After viewing and carefully analyzing all entries, the Festival jury selects 5 entries for each movie category. These movies will then be made available on TAP's in-flight entertainment system during October 2024, allowing passengers to watch them and participate in choosing the winners.

Selecting the winners is a process that takes place in two distinct moments, ensuring a broad and balanced assessment:

  • 40% of the final score is awarded by the evaluation of the Festival's official jury. The jury consists of experts from the movie sector, whose knowledge and experience ensure a careful and impartial analysis of the final five movie entries.
  • 60% of the final score is determined by the vote of the passengers who travel on TAP planes equipped with an in-flight entertainment system. Through a survey on the entertainment platform, passengers have the opportunity to watch the movies and express their preferences, thus contributing to the election of the winners.

This hybrid evaluation system, which combines the experience of the official jury with the opinion of the public, guarantees a fair and representative selection of the prize-winning movies, recognizing and celebrating the talent of the participating filmmakers.

Films awarded with the Best Fiction Film and Best Documentary Grand Prizes will be rewarded with a travel grant worth 3000 Euros each. This award not only recognizes the artistic and narrative excellence of the award-winning films, but also offers filmmakers the opportunity to explore new horizons and be inspired by new experiences around the world.

In addition, the remaining finalists in each category will be awarded a participation prize in recognition of their talent and dedication to the art of filmmaking. This symbolic award celebrates the contribution of all the participants to the success of the festival and to the diversity and quality of the cinema presented.

The result will be revealed at a special event to be held on World Cinema Day, on November 5, 2024, in Lisbon.

The exact location of the event will be announced in due course. We hope that all participants and film enthusiasts can join us for this celebration.

This event will be an opportunity to celebrate the diversity and creativity of cinema, as we come together to honor the films that have most inspired and moved our passengers.

Find out more about the Festival regulations here (PDF, 1 MB, EN).

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