Photograph of a girl and a boy entering an elevator. Ahead, the girl carries a black golf bag. She is wearing a flowered sweater, a pink jacket and has a blue scarf around her neck. Behind, the boy is carrying a packed surfboard in his right arm and the ticket in his left hand. He is wearing a yellow T-shirt and a light blue sports jacket.
Baggage on board

Sports Equipment

Take sport with you!

Carriage of sports equipment

Sports equipment may be carried free of charge as hold baggage, provided it does not exceed the limits below:

Weight: 23 kg/50 lbs in Economy Class, and 32 kg/70 lbs in Business Class.
Size: 158 cm/62 in (the sum of height, length, and width).

Extra charges will apply only if taking more baggage than permitted in your travel class, or if it exceeds the maximum volume or weight allowance.

Speak to our Contact Center or a TAP desk to ensure your sports equipment has been registered correctly, indicating its weight and dimensions. Due to space restrictions on some aircraft, confirmation is required for transporting this type of equipment.

Please find below the conditions for transporting different sports equipment on flights operated by TAP, TAP Express, or on behalf of TAP.

You can bring your golf equipment with you up to a maximum weight of 32 kg / 70 lbs:

  • 1 golf bag1 for the transportation of all your equipment (including 1 pair of golf shoes).
Regardless of their actual size, golf bags will be treated as a single 158cm piece.

On your TAP flight, it is irrelevant whether the equipment is used for water skiing or snow skiing. You can transport the following items (maximum weight: 32 kg / 70 lbs):

  • 1 pair of skis;
  • 1 pair of ski sticks;
  • 1 pair of boots or 1 snowboard;
  • 1 pair of boots or 1 pair standard or slalom water skis.
Kitesurfing and windsurfing equipment, as well as surfboards must be properly packed in designated bags. 

Passengers are obliged to fill out the relevant Declaration of Transport (PDF, 0.1MB, EN). In the absence of this document, or if the equipment is not properly packed, transport may be refused.
You can transport equipment weighing up to a maximum of 32 kg / 70 lbs.

Don’t hesitate to take your non-motorised bike, tandem, mountain or racing bike with you.

Recommendations for its transportation in the hold:

  • Both types of equipment are accepted as checked baggage to be transported in the hold;
  • It is recommended that the handlebars are turned at a 90º angle and firmly secured in this position;
  • They must be packed with the handlebars turned sideways and the pedals must be removed;
  • Alternatively, the equipment can be wrapped in cellophane or other similar material and packed in a cardboard box;
  • You can transport equipment weighing up to a maximum of 32 kg / 70 lbs.

You can carry the following diving equipment with you, packed in a single bag:

  • 1 empty diving cylinder;
  • 1 scuba regulator;
  • 1 pressure gauge;
  • 1 harness; 
  • 1 diving mask;
  • Fins;
  • 1 snorkel;
  • 1 dive knife;
  • 1 harpoon;
  • 1 wetsuit.

Further to the conditions please note:  

  • This type of equipment is only accepted if it is transported in the hold;
  • You can transport equipment weighing up to a maximum of 32 kg / 70 lbs;
  • Regardless of its actual size, the bag with the diving equipment will be treated as a single 158 cm piece;
  • In order to be checked as baggage for transport in the hold, the scuba gear must be properly packed so that it can be transported safely, resistant to the normal pressure of loaded cargo.

Here you will find a list of other sports equipment that you can transport in our aircraft's hold. You must notify TAP in advance regarding the type, size, and weight of the equipment you intend to transport. Such equipment must be carried in bags suitable for the purpose, so as to ensure that it reaches its destination without any issues. The maximum weight is 32 kg / 70 lbs.

  • Hang glider and Paraglider;
  • Jumping pole;
  • Fishing equipment.

If the sports equipment you plan to carry is not listed on this page, please contact our Contact Center to inquire about the possibility of transporting it on our aircraft.

Need more hold baggage?

Purchase extra baggage allowance
Purchase extra baggage allowance
Buy extra baggage allowance!
Book 1 extra bag up to 23kg / 50lb and 158cm / 62in, from:

30 EUR / 37 USD / 49 CAD for the 1st checked bag on Discount fares.
55 EUR / 64 USD / 85 CAD for extra checked bag on other fares.
You can check the price for transporting musical instruments applicable to your trip while making your booking and, subsequently, in the Manage your Booking area on flyTAP ( Prices may vary depending on the type of extra service, the purchase channel*, how much time in advance it was made, the date of the trip, as well as the origin and destination.

*Purchase channel: flyTAP (during the booking process, or, after booking, in the Manage your Booking area), Online Check-in, Kiosks and Counters at the airport, TAP Contact Center and Travel Agencies.
For transactions conducted outside Europe that use different local currencies, the service amount will be converted from the USD fixed price to the local currency (except Canada).
Important information
Some of our aircraft may have restrictions on transporting certain types of sports equipment, so we recommend contacting the TAP Contact Center in advance.
  • Sports equipment can be included in the hold baggage accepted free of charge, as long as they are within the limits of number of pieces, weight and dimensions allowed by the fare you purchased.
  • You can add sports equipment as an extra service during or after the booking process (via, TAP Contact Center, TAP service counters, or Travel Agencies).
  • The price of this service is non-refundable, even if you purchase the Upgrade service (either through an auction or at a fixed price, using cash or miles). However, if the original fare is changed at the passenger's request after purchasing this service and the ticket is reissued with a business cabin fare that already includes this service, the passenger may request a refund. In such situations, the sports equipment must not exceed the weight, size and piece number limits specified by the business cabin fare.
  • This service is only available on flights operated by TAP or on its behalf, and on TAP Express-operated flights.
  • This service is subject to availability.
  • This extra service can be paid for with miles during or after the booking process, either via flyTAP (Book a Flight or Manage your Booking sections) or through the TAP Contact Center.

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