I was denied boarding

It’s never our intention to inconvenience you. However, due to various factors such as operational requirements or commercial overbooking, we sometimes cannot accommodate you even though you have a confirmed reservation. For example, there may be a flight where we need to substitute a larger aircraft with a smaller one due to a maintenance issue, resulting in a lower number of total seats.

In these limited cases, we first ask for volunteers, offering compensation to those who voluntarily choose to fly at a later time or date. If there are not enough volunteers, our reservations system selects the needed number of passengers for denied boarding based on boarding priorities. This section explains your rights as a customer, under the Air Passenger Protection Rights, and what you are entitled to if you are denied boarding.

Communicating with you
    If you are denied boarding we will always provide written confirmation of any compensation that you may be eligible to receive.
Determining compensation eligibility

    It’s important to note that compensation eligibility and the amount you may be eligible to receive for denied boarding is based on:

    • The reason why you were denied boarding and whether it was within our control or for safety reasons.
    • The length of your arrival delay at your final destination.
    • Other key eligibility factors.