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Reservation management

Time to Think

Save your reservation for 48 hours, 5 days or 10 days and make sure you get the fare you want.
We give you the opportunity to safeguard the price of your trip using one of three options: 48 hours, 5 days or 10 days, without any change to the price of your booking.

To do this, just pre-book online using Time to Think.

Think about where you want to go, select the Time to Think option in the online reservation process and talk your friends and family into joining you on this adventure!

This way you can lock in the most attractive price without the risk of losing your flight.
1. Choose where you want to go
by selecting the button "Book now".
2. Save your reservation for 48 hours, 5 days or 10 days
Option available to passengers whose booking is at least 7 days away from the time of departure of the intended flight.
Illustration consisting of a green and white PC screen with an airplane ticket in the center, and a red circle with a white visa on the upper right corner of the screen.
3. Complete your pre-reservation
by filling in the fields “Booking number” and “Surname” -  under "Complete your Time to Think pre-reservation".

Frequently asked questions

Where can I pre-book my flight reservation?

You can only do this through our online reservation system by selecting the option Time to Think.

When can I use the Time to Think option?

Time to Think is only available for TAP flights and these flights must be more than 7 days away from their time of departure.
If there are less than 7 days between the time of booking and of flight departure, this option will not be available.

If you have a promotion code or conference code, or if you want to reserve with miles, the Time to Think option will also not be available.

How long will my reservation stay in the system?

The booking is safeguarded according to the option chosen (48h, 5 days, 10 days). After that period, the booking will be immediately canceled if the ticket has not yet been issued.

How much does it cost to use Time to Think?

The price of Time To Think varies depending on the option selected (48 hours, 5 days or 10 days). Prices are applied per person, excluding infants (please note that in order to be considered an infant, the baby must be under 2 years of age until the end of the trip).

These rates are not converted to BSR exchange rates. Since the loading of the values is not carried out by TAP, the values applied are decided by the market.


48 hours:

Currency Continental Flights  Intercontinental Flights
AUD 10 17
BRL 34 56
CAD 9 15
CHF 6 10
CNY  46 76
COP 29720 49533
CZK 141 235
DKK 45 75
EUR 6 10
GBP 6 9
HUF 2254 3757
MAD 68 113
MXN 119 198
MZN 426 709
NOK 70 116
PLN 28 47
RUB 540 899
SEK 68 114
TRY 128 214
USD 7 11 


ZAR 120 200


5 days:

Currency Continental Flights  Intercontinental Flights
AUD 15 23
BRL 50 78
CAD 14 21
CHF 9 14
CNY  69 106
COP 44580 69347
CZK 212 329
DKK 68 105
EUR 9 14
GBP 8 13
HUF 3381 5259
MAD 102 158
MXN 179 278
MZN 638 993
NOK 105 163
PLN 42 65
RUB 809 1258
SEK 102 159
TRY 192 299
USD 10 16
XOF 5904 9184
ZAR 180 280


10 days:

Currency Continental Flights  Intercontinental Flights
AUD 20 28
BRL 67 95
CAD 18 26
CHF 12 17
CNY  91 129
COP 59440 84206
CZK 282 399
DKK 90 127
EUR 12 17
GBP 11 16
HUF 4508 6386
MAD 136 192
MXN 238 337
MZN 851 1205
NOK 140 197
PLN 56 79
RUB 1079 1528
SEK 136 193
TRY 256 363
USD 14 19
XOF 7872 11152
ZAR 240 340

For transactions conducted outside Europe that use different local currencies, the service amount will be converted from the USD fixed price to the local currency (except Canada).

What methods of payment are accepted?

Payment of this service will be possible by credit/debit card.

How can I complete the Time to Think pre-booking and access my booking?

To complete your Time to Think pre-booking you can:
  1. Fill out the fields “Reservation number” and “Surname” under “Complete your Time to Think pre-booking";
  2. Use the link in the Time to Think confirmation email you received;
  3. Access your pre-booking through your TAP Client Area.


To access your booking:

  1. Use the link that is sent in the confirmation email;
  2. Access through Flytap in the "Manage booking" option;
  3. Access your bookings in the TAP Client area.

Can I make changes to my Time to Think pre-booked reservation?

No changes are allowed to a booking made through Time to Think.
If any change in the booking (change type of passenger - adult/child - number of passengers, route, flights or date) is required, it is necessary to cancel the Time to Think booking or to wait for it to expire, before booking again.

Can I book extras for my flight with a Time to Think pre-booked reservation?

Other services (such as seat selection, upgrades, extra baggage, etc.) can only be booked after you complete your pre-booked reservation. Find out what’s available here.

Do I have the right to a refund?

No. The charge for this service in non-refundable.

It can only be refunded if there is an irregularity or cancellation during the period of 48 hours in which the booking is safeguarded and if the passenger does not accept the alternative offered by TAP.

If the flights offered are not accepted, the passenger is entitled to cancel the booking and receive the value of the service they paid for.

The refund must be requested via Contact Center. 

What types of payment are accepted for issuing my ticket?

Several methods of payment are available. You can pay using an ATM (in the Portuguese market), a credit card, Paypal, iDEAL or Alipay.

Can I use Time to Think for a Stopover?

Because the client can reserve their Stopover hotel while making their travel reservation, the Time to Think option is not available for a Stopover. Unlike travel, the hotel cannot be reserved in advance, which makes Time to Think incompatible with a Stopover.