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    Fast Track

    Fast Track

    The fastest route at the security control.

    Green Way

    The Green Way service offers priority at the security control and X-ray check, ensuring you faster access to your boarding gate.

    It is available at Lisbon, Funchal, Porto and Faro airports.

    Who can use it?

    Green Way gives priority at X-ray checks and security control to all customers who:

    • Are flying with tap|top executive, tap|executive or tap|plus tickets;
    • Have a Victoria Gold Card or Victoria Silver Card;
    • Customers with TAP Corporate Top card;
    • TAP AMEX Platinum or Millennium bcp client, TAP Visa Gold and Amex Gold.
    To use this service you must associate your Victoria Client Number at check-in so you can have the word FAST printed on your boarding pass.

    Fast Track

    The Fast Track service offers the same advantages as the Green Way service, but it is available outside Portuguese airports.

    Who can use it?

    Fast Track is available for:

    • Victoria Gold Clients or Victoria Silver Clients;
    • TAP Corporate Top and TAP TAP AMEX Platinum;
    • Millennium bcp, TAP Visa Gold and Amex Gold clients (travelling on any TAP product and only in Portuguese airports);
    • Passengers travelling on the tap|plus, tap|executive and tap|top executive products can use Fast Track free of charge, according to the rules of each airport. These customers must include the number that appears on their card in their booking, so they can use this service;
    • Passengers travelling on tap|discount, tap|basic and tap|classic can now book the Fast Track service for just €12. Available for sale in the following airports: Barcelona, Copenhagen, Faro, Funchal, Lisbon, Madrid, Porto, Paris and Rome.

    Fast Track can be booked via our Contact Centre or your travel agency. This service is non-refundable and only allows date and time changes. If you book the Fast Track service after the boarding card has already been issued, you will have to re-issue the boarding card.

    View the airports and services available

    Airport Fast Track, X-Ray Check and Security Control tap|executive and tap|top executive tap|plus Victoria Gold Victoria Silver
    Accra X X
    Casablanca X X X
    Dusseldorf X
    Frankfurt X
    Geneva X
    Hamburg X
    London Gatwick X X X
    London Heathrow X X
    Manchester X X
    Marseille X X X
    Milan Malpensa
    Moscow X
    Munich X X
    New York X X X
    Oslo X X X
    Prague X
    Vienna X X
    Zurich X
    ** All passengers (except the tap|Executive and tap | top executive) should raise the voucher for the Fast Track service at the TAP counter.