Even when up in the clouds, you can access the Internet and travel to other worlds.

Stay in touch with your loved ones down here when you are up there

While travelling, send a written message to let your family and friends know when you expect to land, send work emails or simply tell your friends on social media that you are travelling with TAP.

Now it is a lot easier to keep in touch with the world while you’re in the clouds!

Free messaging via Wi-Fi

On board the new A330neo and A321LR aircraft we offer free and unlimited written messaging, exclusively through Wi-Fi.

Stay connected in the sky

Our mobile and wi-fi services let you keep in touch with your company, family and friends by email, written messages and on social media.

1- WI-FI

Follow these steps to connect to our mobile network via Wi-Fi:
Activate the Wi-Fi on your device.
Connect to Wi-Fi network.
Open your browser and go to onboardwifi.flytap.com
  • Free Messaging
  • Complete cost control
  • A number of payment options are available – credit card, PayPal, iPass, etc. 
  • Different packages available according to your needs.

2 - GSM 3G/4G

Available 15 minuts after take-off. Follow these steps to connect to our mobile network:
Disable flight mode and Wi-Fi.
Enable data roaming. You will be connected automatically.
If not, then select the AeroMobile network manually.
You will receive a welcome message once you are connected.
 International roaming charges apply.
  • Make sure you have roaming enabled.
  • No need for a credit card, registration or logins. 
  • Use it like you would on the ground.
  • Your operator will add any charges to your bill.
  • Only pay for the data you use.
  • Supports text messaging.
  • Provides access to your voicemail.

We recommend that automatic download settings and updates be disabled on your device to minimise data use. From 20,000 feet you can disable flight mode and communicate as if you were on the ground. You can make calls and send text messages. Roaming charges within the aircraft are set by your mobile service operator. Please check the rates with your operator.