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Charter flights booking

Travel TAP's routes in a more personalized way. See here how to find more information and order a charter flight.

What is it and how does it work?

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Ideal for groups of passengers or for more private trips, booking charter flights is a service that allows you to customize your trip according to your preferences or specific needs.
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You will be able to choose flight times and the characteristics of the on-board catering service, and benefit from more generous baggage allowance per passenger. Depending on your type of reservation, you may also enjoy a more competitive price per passenger!
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Our charter flights are not limited to TAP routes only. Prices per charter flight vary depending on the distance, the number of passengers, the departure airport and the catering service you choose. For more information ask for our price list.
Inquire about pricing
Inquire about pricing
See how we can meet your budget
Travel with a group of passengers at more competitive prices.
Enjoy a flight with a more personalized service.
Benefit from more pieces of baggage per passenger.

Fill out the form to request pricing in a simple and cost-free way.

All the benefits of booking charter flights

A more personalized trip
Choice of flight schedules
Competitive pricing
Onboard service selection
More space
More baggage per passenger
  • The pricing request applies to one-way and round-trip reservations, where all passengers must always travel together;
  • The pricing request must be made at least 72 hours in advance of the intended date for the outward flight;
  • The group must have a minimum number of 25 passengers, where sum includes the total amount of adults and children;
  • Each adult can only travel with 4 children or with a child and a baby;
  • This service is not limited to TAP routes only;
  • This service can be booked subject to the availability of airplanes for the desired times;
  • The passengers names, contacts and personal identification documents (such as: identity card, citizen card, passport, etc.) must be provided to TAP to the extent established in the contract;
  • Changes to or refunds of tickets already issued are not allowed;
  • Quotes are only valid for flights operated by TAP or TAP Express.

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