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    Baggage problems - Know what to do

    Baggage problems

    See the procedures to resolve the situation as soon as possible.

    Have you not received your baggage?

    If you have not received your baggage you must report the situation to us immediately, so we can resolve the issue as soon as possible.

    Report delayed baggage

    Notify us immediately, at the Lost & Found desks in the baggage reclaim area, if your baggage did not arrive at the destination, as planned. 

    The situation is registered and a reference number allocated, which allows you to track the process status. It is important you provide us with your contacts (telephone and email) so we can keep you informed.

    The details of your luggage are entered in the computer search system used by most airlines. 

    The success rate is 95% and most baggage is delivered within 48 hours of registration of the loss.

    If we are unable to find your baggage after 72 hours, we will request a more accurate description of the appearance and content, and also ask you to complete the baggage inventory form (PDF, 0.3MB, PT, EN). There is a deadline of 5 days after the loss to deliver the document. 


    Track your baggage

    Stay up-to-date on the process to find your baggage. 

    You can check our baggage tracer at any time and make changes to the process data, using the registration number provided when reporting the loss.

    Since all bags are very similar, any identifying details are very important.


    Damaged baggage

    Check your bag before leaving the airport. If it is damaged or you notice articles are missing, let us know immediately. 

    You can do it at the airport, at the Lost & Found desks near the carousels where the bags arrive, so your complaint is registered and the respective document issued. 

    You must keep this document until the matter is settled.


    Compensation and liability

    If we cannot find your baggage in a reasonable time, we are willing to compensate you as stated in the terms and conditions of our liability. 

    Please contact us in order to start the compensation process.

    As specified in the Transportation Conditions, the liability of TAP for the loss and delay of baggage is limited and a loss process is only set in motion after analysis of the information.