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    Hold baggage - Weight and sizes

    Hold baggage

    Travel with everything you need.

    Your TAP flight includes the free* transport of baggage in the aircraft hold.

    The number of items you may transport will depend on your fare, the destination and your Victoria Status.

    * Except for tap|discount on flights to Europe and North Africa, and intercontinental flights from 1 September 2017.

    • 23 kg / 50 Ibs Maximum weight of hold baggage.
    • 32 kg / 70 lbs Maximum weight of hold baggage in business class for all routes. The items exceeding this weight are considered to be cargo.
    • 158 cm / 62 in Maximum size of one item of hold baggage. Height + length + width.

    Find out your TAP baggage allowance

    Intercontinental flights *

    Between Africa1 and Europe2 Between Africa1 and the Americas3
    Between (Central and South4) America and Europe2 Between the USA/Canada and Europe2
    Executive 2 items up to 32kg / 70lb each
    Plus 2 items up to 23kg / 50lb each 1 item up to 23kg / 50lb

    From Brazil to Europe2 / Middle East From Europe2 / Middle East to Brazil 
    Executive 2 items up to 32kg / 70lb each
    Plus 2 items up to 32kg / 70lb each
    items up to 23kg / 50lb each
    * For travel from 1 September 2017, see here the new conditions of carriage of baggage.

    (1) Excluding Morocco and Algeria.
    (2) Including: Morocco and Algeria.
    (3) Including: Brazil, United States, Canada and Venezuela.
    (4) Excluding Brazil.

    Domestic, European and North Africa Flights

    Flights between Mainland Portugal and the Islands
    Flights between Europe and North Africa1
    Top Executive 2 items up to 32kg / 70lb each
    Plus 2 items up to 23kg / 50lb each 1 item up to 23kg / 50lb
    Classic 1 item up to 23kg / 50lb
    Basic 1 item up to 23kg / 50lb
    (1) including Morocco and Algeria.

    Note: Except when flying tap|discount babies have a 10kg baggage allowance. Only folding buggies can be carried as hold baggage. Passengers may only carry one completely foldable baby stroller, child seat or basket as hold baggage.

    Take care with your baggage

    When you check in your hold baggage a ticket is issued that allows the owner to be identified. For security reasons, luggage is always checked on the same plane the passenger travels on.

    • Make sure your baggage is properly sealed and identified with your name and address;
    • Do not exceed the capacity of the bag, so that it is not damaged;
    • Always check the identification information before checking in the bag and when reclaiming it;
    • Immediately inform us in the event of loss or damage;
    • Do not carry other people's bags if you do not know the contents.

    Articles forbidden in the hold

    Some items may not be carried in the hold. If you want to travel with any of these objects, you can carry them in your hand baggage.

    • Valuable and personal items;
    • Fragile or perishable items;
    • Essential medicines;
    • Keys;
    • ID documents or passport;
    • Professional or academic documents;
    • Samples.