Find out how to earn TAP Miles&Go miles when renting a car at Rentcars.

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Until November 30th, rent a car with Rentcars, choosing from more than 200 different rental companies around the world, and earn 8 miles for every 1 euro spent.

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1 euro

Terms and conditions

  1. Earn 8 TAP miles for each €1 spent in the daily rate.
  2. Only clients registered in the TAP Miles&Go Programme before requesting and confirming the booking are eligible to earn miles.
  3. The miles are only registered if the booking went through the dedicated TAP Miles&Go page on the Rentcars website, displayed on the Miles&Go portal, on behalf of the holder registered in the TAP Miles&Go Programme (CPF number **OR** Miles&Go Client Number consisting of two letters and nine digits. Ex: TP000000000).
  4. The accumulation of miles on the TAP Miles&Go Programme is valid on bookings from 1 to 29 days.
  5. It is the client's responsibility to fill in the personal data correctly. The credits will not be registered if there is a typing error or an incorrect flow while carrying out the booking (partnership page and filling in the CPF or the Miles&Go Account Number).
  6. The miles are valid when using the booking and the rental company's positioning to Rentcars.
  7. After the rental company's positioning over the booking usage, the TAP Miles&Go miles are credited. The deadline for the credit entry is approximately 120 days after returning the vehicle and is subject to extension, depending on the rental company and destination.
  8. The bookings made by other means than the dedicated TAP page on the Rentcars website will not accumulate miles.
  9. The calculation of the miles' total conforms to the amount agreed upon and confirmed on the website, referring to the daily rental rate of the vehicle. Costs with vehicle insurance services or additional products contracted on the website or directly at the rental desk will not be considered.
  10. For bookings with payment in other currencies, the point conversion occurs on the day of booking confirmation.
  11. The interest amounts arising from installment plans will not count toward miles.
  12. For payments where any form of discount applies, the number of miles will refer to the final paid amount.
  13. Miles are not applicable after bookings confirmation.
  14. Earning miles cannot be combined with discount coupons.
  15. In case of fraud, the miles will nullify in the client's account.
  16. Our fares are subject to price change without notice.
  17. Although not common, in some cases, it may be necessary to prove the usage of the booking. We suggest you keep a copy of the rental agreement until the equivalent points are registered.