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TAP Upgrades

Free Upgrade

For Navigator Customers only. Enjoy this benefit and fly Business!

Enjoy a free upgrade to Business Class

TAP Miles&Go is focused on offering the best experience to its Customers, especially to those who travel the most with TAP.

In this regard, Navigator Customers now have access to two free Upgrades to Business Class, per qualifying period.

How to enjoy this benefit:

  1. Book a TAP flight on any fare, except on the Discount fare.
  2. Request the Upgrade up to 12 hours before the trip, using the Manage your bookings.
  3. Obtain Upgrade confirmation at the boarding gate, subject to availability.

This benefit is exclusive to Navigator Customers who have a valid status at the time of the trip. Check below for all terms and conditions.

  1. Only the holder of the TAP Miles&Go Account can benefit from 2 (two) free Upgrades for the Business Class.
  2. From the date the free Upgrades are granted, they can be used for a maximum period of 12 months, according to the Customer's PMY (annual qualification/accumulation period).
  3. The offer of two Upgrades per annual qualification period is only valid for Customers who have obtained Navigator status on merit, that is, through Status Miles or segments flown with TAP. Customers who have obtained status by other means are excluded from access to this offer.
  4. The two free Upgrades are valid during the Customer's annual qualification period only and as long as the Customer holds the Navigator status, namely at the time of the trip.
  5. If the Customer renews the Navigator status, they will have access to this benefit again. However, Free Upgrades requirements do not carry over the annual qualification period and are not cumulative.
  6. Valid for flights operated by TAP. Codeshares are excluded. This service is not available on non-Business Class devices.
  7. Valid exclusively for cash bookings (priced ticket), continental and intercontinental flights, on all fares (brands), except Discount, excluding tickets issued with miles (Award Tickets).
  8. Miles will be credited according to the original booking fare.
  9. The ticket must be issued with the name that appears in the respective profile TAP Miles&Go and the TAP Miles&Go Customer Number must be added to booking.
  10. The request for free Upgrades is carried out exclusively online and using flytap.com, in the “Manage Booking” section (myb.flytap.com).
  11. The Upgrade must be requested on the “Manage Booking” page up to 12 hours before the flight.
  12. The free Upgrade is counted and valid per flight segment.
  13. Cancellation of the Upgrade requirement can be done on the “Manage Booking” page up to 2 hours before flight departure. After this period it will not be possible to cancel the order.
  14. Once requested, Upgrades will be automatically deducted. If the free Upgrade is not used, the number of Upgrades available will be updated the next day.
  15. The Upgrade will be confirmed directly and exclusively at the boarding gate, when you hand in your boarding pass, subject to seat availability and possible plane changes at the time of trip. TAP will not compensate for the possibility of not using the Upgrade at the time of boarding.
  16. Upgrading to Business Class at the boarding gate does not change the baggage conditions (number and weight) included in the original fare.
  17. If the free Upgrade is approved at the boarding gate, the Customer will have access to the Business Class meal. However, there may be situations where it is not available. However, this situation does not invalidate the consumption of the free Upgrade and it will be considered as used, even if it was not possible to offer the Business Class meal. TAP will not compensate the Customer if it is not possible to offer the Business Class meal.
  18. If you have requested a special meal and your Upgrade has been confirmed, we will not be able to guarantee the respective special request.
  19. Free Upgrades do not apply to the following cases: passengers with children (INF), tickets purchased with miles, passengers with pets (PET), group bookings, Stopover or multicity bookings, waitlist bookings, and industry discount tickets.

How to request a free upgrade

Illustration consisting of three elements: On the left, a green plane ticket; in the center, a white computer monitor; and on the right, a green calendar.
1. Book your TAP trip in cash

Choose your destination and book your flight in Economy Class, except for the Discount fare. Make sure that the first and last names match the names on your TAP Miles&Go Account and that you include the Customer number.

Illustration consisting of three elements. In the foreground, in the center, there is a computer screen with two visible selection options, the first being selected. Superimposed, in the upper right corner, is a seal with the inscription of an arrow pointing upwards, in reference to the Upgrade to Executive Class. In the background, you can see a TAP boarding pass, on the left, and a handbag, on the right.
2. Request the free Upgrade up to 12 hours before the flight

Access your bookings, via this link, and request a free Upgrade per flight, exclusive to you. You can cancel up to 2 hours before your flight.

Illustration with several elements: in the center, a white airplane seat, with a dark green outline. In the upper right corner of the seat, a red seal with a white star inside. On the left, a red device for listening to music, with a green musical note on the screen, and a pair of green headphones. On the right; a green bottle of wine with a red label and a green glass with red liquid.
3. You will have confirmation of the Upgrade at the boarding gate

If it is available on the flight, the Upgrade will be confirmed at the boarding gate. If not, you will keep your original seat in Economy Class.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Free Upgrade is valid on all TAP fare tickets, except flights operated by TAP Express or in a Discount fare. Tickets issued on other airlines, tickets issued with miles, bookings with baby, bookings with animals, group bookings, bookings with Stopover and/or multicity, tickets with categories ID, AD, BP, DG, DM, GE, IN, RG or UD (industry discount tickets) are excluded.
Navigator Customers can benefit from 2 (two) free Upgrades per PMY. Upgrades are counted by segment and not by origin and destination.
You will only be able to enjoy the free Upgrade if you maintain your Navigator status at the time of your trip.
No. The Upgrade request is valid for one segment only. It is possible to request an Upgrade for each of the segments, as long as the Customer has Upgrades available for it.
The Upgrade must be requested on the “Manage booking” page (myb.flytap.com) up to 12 hours before departure, and you can also cancel the order up to 2 hours before departure on the same page.
The Customer can see the number of Upgrades available in "Manage Booking”. For this you will need to have an active booking.
The Customer can request the maximum number of Upgrades they have available for use during their annual mile qualification period, that is, 2 Free Upgrades.
No, the benefit is only for the Navigator Customer.
No, the benefit is only for the TAP Miles&Go Account Navigator holder.
Yes, the cancellation request must be made on the “Manage Booking” page, up to 2 hours before the flight takes place.
Yes, Customers with this benefit can request an Upgrade for Medium and Long Haul flights.
Yes, you should reach out to the Contact Center and request a refund.
If the Upgrade is accepted, you will be informed directly at the airport, at the boarding gate.
Free Upgrades are valid for an annual qualifying period. If you renew your Navigator status, you will have this benefit again. Upgrades are not cumulative.
No, Free Upgrades must be used during the respective PMY. It is not possible to carry them over to the next PMY.
As the benefit is subject to availability, there will be no blackout period.
If the Upgrade is not approved, you will remain in your reserved seat upon check-in. The number of Free Upgrades available will be replenished in a maximum of 2 days. In this way, the Customer may request the Upgrade for another flight.
Meal will be provided in most cases, however, there may be situations where no meal is provided.
No. The complimentary cabin Upgrade benefit does not consider the Business Class excess baggage policy.
Unfortunately, TAP cannot guarantee special meal orders to Customers with a confirmed Upgrade.
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