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In-flight wine experience

On board of the TAP aircraft, we present a selection of wines that reflect the diversity of Portuguese grape varieties.

Discover TAP's Welcome Drink

Chosen for a memorable welcome drink, Churchill's Fine White Port will now be served in Business Class in Long Haul flights operated by our A330 aircraft.

Celebrate your trip with this genuinely Portuguese Porto, a symbol of refinement and tradition. A unique experience that reflects the Portuguese essence that defines us.

Find out more in our Wine List.

We take Portuguese wines across borders

Portugal is a vibrant winemaking country with wines depicting its many regions from the north to the south. Just one sip is enough to transport us to the Douro river, the Alentejo plains or the Algarve coast.
Once we want to and we can take these sensations to the world, and because our goal is to focus on all Portuguese things and on top-quality products, while supporting local suppliers, we held a competition to select the new wine list for the next two years (2022-2024).

The new list will feature 43 wines from 8 different regions, representing 24 local suppliers. Throughout these two years, we will serve 1 million bottles of Portuguese wine - and that is why we are the greatest showcase for Portuguese wines.

We created a wine list based on an international experience, and with the help of a group of experts from both sides of the Atlantic. 
This means we can provide our passengers with the best wine experience offering a variety of carefully selected Portuguese wines.
Be happy, drink in moderation and raise a glass with us!

Find out more
Find out more
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Find out more (PDF, 0.1 MB, PT, EN)
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