Causes with Wings

Last Call for charity institutions – Until January 31 st

Donating miles helps give wings

With the help of TAP and TAP Miles&Go Clients, charities and charitable organisations can fly higher. The TAP Donate Miles programme has been updated to offer more miles that can be used by good causes on TAP journeys, bringing your help to those who need it most. 

Mile by mile, we are helping good causes

We are pleased to announce you can again donate miles to TAP Donate Miles Programme partners.
1. Join the TAP Miles&Go Programme
Log in to your account.
2. Select the entity
Select donate miles and decide who will receive your donation.
3. Thank you!
You have given wings to a good cause!

Términos y condiciones

  1. No es posible recuperar las millas donadas.
  2. Esta donación no es válida a efectos fiscales.
  3. Esta campaña es válida durante todo el año para Clientes TAP Miles&Go que tengan millas suficientes para donar.

A Christmas above the clouds, thanks to your miles.

This Christmas the TAP Miles&Go Programme wants to turn all miles into miles of love.

Donated miles will be turned into TAP Store gifts and delivered to children and young people of CrescerSer and Novo Futuro. This solidarity venture was a success and, therefore, it is no longer possible for us to accept any more donations for this charity.

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