Changes and cancellations

The unforeseen happens. Find out how to change or cancel your TAP booking.

Refunds within 24 hours

You can request a refund of a booking without paying any penalty, provided it is done within 24 hours of making the booking and more than 7 days before the trip.

Refunds within 24 hours of the booking and less than 7 days before the journey are subject to a refund fee of EUR30/USD30/CAD50. Refunds will be issued in the form of a voucher with the 15€ fee deducted. These vouchers are not refundable and must be used for the purchase of TAP tickets within the space of one year. 

Changes and cancellations

Changes and cancellations conditions differ depending on the conditions associated with the TAP product purchased. 

The rules on changes and cancellations apply to the route and may differ depending on the flight you wish to alter.

Some TAP products may impose penalties on changes and cancellations, be non-refundable or non-changeable. 

You should consult the conditions associated with the TAP product you are booking on the purchase page online before purchasing your ticket.

No charges apply when applying for a refund through FLYTAP. If your refund application is made through the Contact Centre or a sales desk, then a service charge of €30 per ticket will be made, regardless of the fare.

Find out more about the conditions associated with your ticket here.