New TAP Miles&Go miles table

New miles table with flexible prices

We have a new miles table to improve your trips: you will get better fares if you plan your flights in advance and are flexible with your dates and times. Find out what has changed and decide on your next trip.
Save up to 49%
You will find the best fares if you book your flight in advance with flexible dates.
The cost of your flight will be calculated according to the available space on the flight.
Now there are even more seats available to book with miles.
Find out how many miles you need for each zone

    Terms and conditions

    • Airport taxes are added to these amounts.
    • MilesOnly and Miles&Cash Tickets are not valid on charter flights.
    • MilesOnly and Miles&Cash Tickets do not allow upgrades.
    • MilesOnly and Miles&Cash Tickets are valid for one year from the date of issue, except for promotional tickets.
    • Changes to date, time and flight number once the ticket has been issued will be allowed, subject to payment of a €50 penalty.
    • Stopovers are not permitted.
    • The Companion Ticket only applies to the MilesOnly product, it is not valid for children, and can only be issued for travel on the same flight, date and class that the TAP Miles&GO Gold Client has reserved. Valid for all TAP Miles&Go Gold Clients flying on a paid TAP return fare ticket. The discount applied to the companion ticket is based on the regular fare table.
    • The seat availability for MilesOnly and Miles&Cash Tickets varies according to the destination and time of year.
    • The number of seats is limited even if flights are not fully booked.
    • MilesOnly and Miles&Cash Tickets may not be available on all flights. Please contact your TAP Miles&Go Service Centre.
    • Return Ticket: maximum of 4 segments.
    • One-way Ticket: maximum of 2 segments.
    • For complete information on issuance fees, please, see here.
    • All airport taxes must be paid when tickets are issued.
    • Tickets issued through the call centre or website must be paid with a credit card. Other forms of payment are only acceptable in TAP Shops. 
    • If the ticket is issued at a TAP counter in Brazil, the value in foreign currency will be converted into Brazilian Real at the exchange rate on that day.
    • Have your credit card number ready for payment of airport taxes and service fees. As soon as the booking is made, the miles corresponding to your award will be debited from your mileage account. Please note that the tickets are issued immediately after booking. Waiting lists are only allowed for Gold Clients.
    • All TAP Miles&Go passengers who book their award travel through the TAP Miles&Go Service Center and plan to issue tickets for other persons, will need to send an authorization signed by both of you. Reservations at shorter notice can only be made through TAP Miles&Go Service Centre. The aim of this procedure is to enable a more secure usage of your miles account thereby ensuring that no tickets will be issued without the authorisation of the holder. For the booking to be confirmed, the authorisation must be received within 24 hours after the booking has been made. If the authorisation is not sent to the e-mail address within the deadline, the reservation will be cancelled.
    • From the 1st of October, MilesOnly and Miles&Cash Tickets for children have a 25% discount on the miles price of a MilesOnly and Miles&Cash Ticket for an adult.
    • See all the TAP Miles&Go Program Terms and Conditions here.

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