TAP refunds

To ensure that you place your order correctly, please choose one of the options below.

  • My flight has been canceled by TAP
  • My flight is scheduled and I want to cancel or change it
  • Consult the status of a refund that has been requested



  • If your flight has not been cancelled by TAP, your change can be checked here.
  • The online refund request is only available for tickets purchased directly from TAP. If you made your booking via a travel agency, please contact them to request your refund. If you are unable to solve the situation directly with your agency, please contact our team.
  • These rules apply only to tickets issued in BRL.
  • For any question or clarification/explanation please contact the Contact Center: 0800-888-2099.
  • If your ticket has been purchased with miles from the Programme TAP Miles&Go, you can submit your request to refund the fees on this page. However, the refund of miles must be requested via Contact Center (check here for the contact number). The refund of TAP miles from the Programme TAP Miles&Go may incur penalties.