Blow out the candles and make a wish!

Being TAP Miles&Go is being able to celebrate your birthday with more benefits.

Congratulations! To celebrate your birthday, we have 500 Bonus Miles for you on your next return flight on TAP (Excluding Award Tickets).

Choose your destination and make the most of a birthday full of miles with TAP.

On you go, book and enjoy our special offers. After all, it is your birthday.

If you haven’t received your birthday present, access your private area and check the email you gave is correctly written and up to date.

  1. This offer of 500 Bonus Miles is valid on TAP flights with Europe or Intercontinental fares in the month of your birthday or the month following it.
  2. The 500 Bonus Miles are credited at the end of the two-month period after your birthday.
  3. Domestic flights are excluded.
  4. Valid only for return flights.
  5. Award Tickets are excluded.
  6. The 5% bonus is applicable to miles transferred from your credit card during the month of your birthday and the month following it.
  7. The 5% bonus is credited during the month after your birthday and is applied to all miles transferred from your credit card. This offer can beused in conjunction with other offers.
  8. Birthday promotion starts on 01/11/2018. 
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