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  • Travel discounts!
    Pack your bags because we have discounts for you on tickets with miles. You have until 24 January to get a 20%discount!
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  • A month full of miles!
    If you think triple miles is good, then what about quadruple? The miles you purchase by 31 January can get you up to 4times more!
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  • Turim Hotels
    Earn double miles when you stay at the Turin hotels in Lisbon or Madeira. 2xmore Miles
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  • Join TAP Miles&Go
    And earn miles! Watch your miles balance grow and exchange them for Miles&Go advantages. 200Miles
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  • Club TAP Miles&Go
    Join the club and earn more miles for flights or to exchange for discounts.
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  • Your journey begins with a discount
    Shall we go? Miles&Go Promo discounts from €10 to 150€
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  • Offer a Miles&Go Gift!
    Offer miles to someone who deserves them. Buy a Miles&Go Gift and give it to whoever you want.
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  • TAP Store
    Give wings to your creativity! Come on board and find the best gifts with the signature of your airline company.
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  • Earn miles

  • Contactos Vila Vita Parc
    Be one of the first to enjoy this Spa Sisley experience and book your stay at the VILA VITA Parc Resort & Spa. 1 € = 5 Miles
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  • The best TAP Miles&Go has to offer

  • TAP is a Freddie Awards winner
    On 25 April, TAP Miles&Go won an award in the USA.
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