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Electronic devices

You can use your computer, tablet or smartphone on board. Find out about the conditions!

Use your mobile devices during the flight

TAP allows its passengers to use their smartphone, tablet or laptop during the flight.

However, for safety reasons, the devices must be set to "flight mode" or equivalent during the flight. The data and wireless systems must also be switched off as soon as the aircraft door closes. 

This standard applies to all smartphones and other connected devices.

During take-off and landing all portable devices or equipment of similar weight (e.g., DVD players) must be stowed in the luggage compartment. They can also be stored in the pockets of the seats provided they do not weigh more than 1.36 kilograms and they are not larger than the pocket.

The device must be turned off when it is placed in the luggage compartment, or when indicated by the crew.

Devices not permitted during the flight

For safety reasons, TAP does not allow passengers to use the following devices:
  • Walkie-talkies or portable radios;
  • Wireless equipment for PC’s;
  • Remote-control toys;
  • Stereo equipment, including pocket (AM/FM) radios;
  • Radio frequency transmitters or similar equipment or portable TV receivers;
  • Electronic cigarettes - however, these can be carried in hand luggage but cannot be used during the flight.
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Flying Business Class
Your comfort comes first in TAP Business Class.
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