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Rotas do Sal

Lisbon, Portugal

Arrábida tours and dolphin watching

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20% discount on Arrábida tours and dolphin watching

Create unforgettable moments through a set of visit and entertainment programs that contribute to the promotion of the vast environmental, historical, archaeological, cultural, natural and scenic heritage of the Setúbal region.


  • Dolphin Program
    • Guided tour through a beautiful landscape and observation of dolphins in their natural habitat.
  • "Short Break" Program
    • Combination of the Dolphin program and a tour of the Arrábida Natural Park.
  • Arrábida Program with Wine Cellar
    • Visit to Arrábida's Mountain Range and Natural Park in mini vans with 9 seats. Includes stops at various viewpoints, points of historical and scenic interest, and also a visit to a wine cellar for wine tasting.


  • Dolphin Program
    • Minimum 2 hours.
  • "Short Break" Program
    • Minimum 4 hours.
  • Arrábida Program with Wine Cellar
    • Minimum 3h30.


  • Dolphin Program
    • Adults - € 90
    • Children (3-12 years old) - € 70
  • "Short Break" Program
    • Adults - € 105
    • Children (3-12 years old) - € 85
  • Arrábida Program with Wine Cellar
    • Adults - € 85
    • Children (3-12 years old) - € 70

Additional information

  • Store opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 9 am to 7 pm, except on Christmas and New Year's Day.
  • Pick-up service for any of the programs: Time Out Market Lisboa, at 9 am (Dolphins and "Short Break" Program) and at 1:30 pm (Arrábida Program with Wine Cellar).