São Miguel, where traditions mark the present

The São Miguel island, in the Azores, is a world of offers and experiences for all and the city of Ponta Delgada, the biggest in the region, counts with an extensive bay, volcanic and verdant scenery, and delicious gastronomic treasures.

Here are the must-see sights of this azorean treasure.

Natural beauty and stunning scenery

It is in the Gruta do Carvão, volcanic cavity of great geological importance, that we can find the largest lava tunnel on the island of São Miguel. Classified as a Regional Natural Monument, the cave has an extension of about 1912 meters.

But the natural charms of the island do not stop here. Both Jardim António Borges and Jardim Botânico José do Canto, with all their characteristic vegetation, deserve a visit.

Also totally indispensable is the passage through the Miradouros Pico do Carro, Boca do Inferno, Serra Devassa and Vista do Rei, the latter with a privileged view over the dazzling Lagoa das Sete Cidades. We promise the most special landscapes. For hiking enthusiasts, some, and other of these viewpoints, complement each other with the famous hiking trails.


Constructions that are history and tell it

The City Doors are a true icon and are located right in the center of downtown. Its construction, made of basaltic stone, consists of three arches, being represented in the middle, the coat of arms of Portugal and the Municipality of Ponta Delgada. These doors are one of the most important architectural landmarks of the capital, and through them passed several personalities, kings and presidents of the republic.

Two other buildings that do not go unnoticed and are an obligatory stop, are the Convento de Nossa Senhora da Esperança and the Igreja Matriz - one of the ancient monuments of the city.

In the Forte de São Brás we can find a weapons patio and the Military Museum of the Azores and, in the historical center, the Torre Sineira da Câmara Municipal, which offers a 360 degrees panoramic view.

Tours, sports and much more

Here, there are experiences for all tastes and ages. Between bike and horse riding, surfing, canoing or even diving, the hardest is not to find what to do, but what to choose from.

Divine gastronomy

Visiting a city, or a country, justifies getting involved by its flavors, otherwise it is as if we had never been there.
A meat stew cooked (Cozido) by the volcanic steam from Furnas Lake
Azorean cheesecake called Queijadas da Vila Franca
A meat stew cooked (Cozido) by the volcanic steam from Furnas Lake
Azorean cheesecake called Queijadas da Vila Franca

Here, the dishes of fish (caldeiradas, essentially) and seafood abound, always with the particularity of the freshness of the Azorean sea.

But the meat from the cattle raised there owes it nothing, presenting itself as very soft and tasty.

Regarding the famous Cozido das Furnas, our suggestion is to head towards the Furnas Valley, request an available hole next to the natural boilers and proceed with cooking. It will be at least five hours, but believe me, both this wait and the kilometers before will be worth it, even more so since you will have much to visit in the vicinity.

Talking of sweets, the variety is large, but the queijadas, the fofas da povoação and the lêvedo cake stand out. Be sure to taste the sweet and juicy pineapple.

A well-appetizing holiday, isn't it?

São Miguel, The living island

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It's such an special island that you can't even miss it!

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