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    Payment methods - How to pay for the flight

    Payment methods

    Reserve your TAP flight and choose the method of payment that best suits you.

    Discover the types of payment available

    Discover the various payment methods you can use to pay for your flight here.

    Credit card

    The credit card is the most used to make reservations.

    You can choose one of the following credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club and  UATP.

    Debit cards are a form of immediate payment. A fee of €4 per ticket is added to the cost of the reservation. This fee is only payable in Portugal.

    The MBNet service is available, but only in Portugal at the present time.

    When purchasing an e-ticket less than 24 hours before the flight’s departure you may not be able to complete the operation for security reasons. If this happens we suggest you contact TAP.

    Note: Visa, Mastercard and American Express are only available for reservations made at least 24 hours prior to departure; Diners and UATP cards are not available to Victoria Customers.


    ELO Credit Card

    The Elo card was created in partnership by Banco do Brasil, Caixa Econômica and Bradesco banks and is a 100% Brazilian product. The Elo card is accepted throughout Brazil and also in 185 other countries.
    Payments by credit card are subject to a fee equivalent to 1.95% of the final price of each ticket, in accordance with Law No. 13,455 of 26 June 2017. This fee is not payable on payments made by debit card.


    PayPal is a system for transferring money via an email account that allows you to make payments securely. This system covers bank accounts and credit cards worldwide.

    A fee of €4 per ticket is charged when paying through PayPal. 

    Find out more about this method of payment here.

    This payment method is not available to Victoria Customers.


    PayPal offers one of the securest payment platforms in the world.

    All financial information (bank account details and credit card number) is stored and carefully encrypted on this system’s servers: the personal data of each user is totally confidential.

    Another of the benefits associated with the PayPal system is the Purchase Protection Program. Under this program, if a user does not receive a product they bought or has not authorized a certain payment they can get that amount back.

    How to use PayPal

    The PayPal system is very simple to use and it is used by more than 123 million people worldwide.

    It is an accessible and secure way to pay for your purchases on the Internet, on your smartphone or tablet.

    Creating a PayPal account is completely free: simply register a credit card and you will be able to make purchases over the Internet.

    The information is entered only once and when you make any purchase you only need to enter the email address and password to authorize any payment.

    Payment at ticket counters

    Payments can be made at ticket counters using:

    • credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club or UATP);
    • debit card;
    • certified check;
    • or cash.